Origine et Nouvelle Vague

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In short

Demolition-reconstruction operation
Developer : Paris La Défense
Investor and Project Owner Offices: ICADE S.A.
Architects : Maud Caubet Architects / Quadrifiore Architecture
Contracting authority : ICADE Promotion
Housing Developer : ICADE Promotion

Surface : Property complex : 80 000 sq.m.
80% of Technip FMC's leased space
Office space: 70,000 sq.m.
Shops : 450 sq.m.
Dwellings: 10,000 sq.m.
1 crèche

Location: Nanterre, Parc Nord district
Delivery: End of 2020

A mixed program of offices and housing

The Origine & Nouvelle Vague programme benefits from a strategic location at the foot of Paris La Défense Arena and the future RER E station, the third new station in the Eole project, which will be located on the Les Groues railway right-of-way in 2022. This somewhat special project does not involve one building site but two! Indeed, this enormous 80,000 sq.m. campus will combine "Origin", a vast office programme, and "Nouvelle Vague", a housing offer.

The programme therefore includes the demolition and reconstruction of 70,000 sq.m. of office space divided into two tranches of 30,000 and 40,000 sq.m.. It also includes 450 sq.m. of developed retail space, including 185 sq.m. of office space and 10,000 sq.m. of housing.

The "Nouvelle Vague" housing program includes :

  • 78 housing units in accession - 5,580 sq.m. SDP;
  • 67 social rental housing units - 4,575 sq.m. SDP;
  • 1 private nursery - 454 sq.m. SDP;
  • 1 commercial area on the ground floor of the building - 269 sq.m. of SDP.

The facade on the street consists of a double skin in perforated metal cassettes. The rear facade is set back from the ground floor and offers wide terraces for the dwellings.

The "Origine" office project comprises :

  • 70,000 sq.m of offices and services;
  • 6,500 sq.m. of landscaped areas (interior gardens, patios, loggias, landscaped island cores);
  • state-of-the-art equipment;
  • an innovative mixed wood-concrete structure;
  • vast plateaux offering optimal flexibility;
  • multiple integrated services.

In addition, Origine will offer a commercial offer at the foot of the building.

Between urbanity and naturalness, the building is designed with a mixed wood and concrete structure. The associated agencies, Maud Caubet Architects and Quadri Fiore Architecture were inspired by the rocky islands of Ha Long Bay. The two buildings, on R+7 and R+8, which include offices and services (restaurant, business center, fitness room), are located around a central garden with passageways opening onto the neighborhood. The facade of the building is punctuated by terraces planted with trees, giving an important place to nature.

The project is aiming for an ambitious level of environmental certification and labelling: HQE Excellent, LEED Gold, BREEAM Excellent, WELL Core & Shell Silver, E+C- E2C2, BiodiverCity and WiredScore Platinum.

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  • Origine et Nouvelle Vague
  • Origine et Nouvelle Vague