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In short

Investor: Primonial REIM France
Project management: Orfeo
Architects: Studio Gang Architects, Cro&Co Architecture and CroMe Studio Surface area: 141,000 sq.m, including 111,000 sq.m of offices, 14,250 sq.m of hotels, 5,400 sq.m of coliving spaces, 5,700 sq.m of shops and 3,700 sq.m of rooftop
Delivery date: 2028
Location: Esplanade Nord, Diderot-Audran district (Courbevoie)

Work in progress

![](https://media.parisladefense.com/iI8lsWOSRsK_WNEnHl04oKrcGng=/info-chantier/2022-01/odyssey-info-chantier-1.png) Background PRIMONIAL REIM France has acquired the property of the Les Miroirs complex, consisting of three buildings (AB, C and D), with a view to developing a new mixed-use real estate programme, the ODYSSEY project, designed by an international team of architects Cro&Co, CroM...
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Mixed-use development and the first reversible building in Paris La Défense

Built in 1981, the "Les Miroirs" building complex is about to be reborn. The Odyssey project aims to set a new standard in terms of mixed use, hybridisation of uses and sharing of experiences. Odyssey's strength lies in its "360°" offer, which will enable everyone to make it their own. This means taking advantage of the entire common base (central location) and all the services offered, regardless of the building to which they are attached.

Odyssey will consist of three buildings grouped around a central square. The programme is mixed in its uses and users, as building O/ will be partly accessible to the general public.

  • Building O/: Hotel - Offices - Public garden and rooftop - Shops
  • Building D/ : Offices - Accommodation - Shops
  • Building C/ : Offices - Shops

Odyssey - Programmation

The total reversibility of building D/, the mixed-use nature of building O/ and the suitability of building C/ for new working methods correspond to the expectations and new uses of the area.

An international team of architects

Synergies are at the heart of this emblematic complex, and have been since its conception. Three internationally renowned architectural firms are behind the co-creation of this complex:

  • Jeanne Gang, Studio Gang (Aqua and Vista in Chicago, Solar Carve in New York)
  • Nayla Mecattaf, CroMe Studio (Shard in London, Float in Dusseldorf)
  • Jean-Luc Crochon, Cro&Co Architecture (Trinity, Le Carré Michelet, CNIT Eole)

Each is in charge of the design of one of the three buildings and all work to give birth to the dynamics and life of the towers. The Odyssey experience invites people to come and work, live and relax. All these uses give the district a dynamic flow between the buildings, interaction between the different communities and 24/7 animation.

A real opportunity to transform the neighbourhood

The central square will provide residents and employees with a wide range of restaurant and retail services. This square will be accessible via new pedestrian links that will connect the business district to downtown Courbevoie and the Parc Diderot. In line with the Odyssey project, Paris La Défense will renovate the public spaces to meet the expectations of residents and users, with the aim of facilitating pedestrian and cyclist travel between the business district and the city centre of Courbevoie.