Michelet - Galliéni

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In short

Developer : Paris La Défense
Commune of Puteaux
Finalized pre-operational studies

Within the framework of the La Défense Renewal Plan, Paris La Défense has initiated a reflection on the last major development opportunity between the La Défense slab and the City of Puteaux.

The main objectives are :

  • to develop a continuous urban network between La Défense and Puteaux
  • develop programs that are a continuation of those found in Puteaux while guaranteeing a mix of housing, offices and shops.

This project will make the link between Puteaux and the business district of La Défense both visible and easy and will facilitate access to the Esplanade metro station.

It is based on a series of axes and squares such as Rue de la République and Rue Paul-Lafargue, a real link with the Majunga Tower Garden and the Gallieni district.

A first restructuring operation is underway: the Carré Michelet building, owned by Eurosic. This operation will enable Paris La Défense to create new pedestrian links between Puteaux and La Défense.