Les Hallizées

Les Hallizées
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In short

Developer: Sefri-cime
Architect: Reichen & Robert associés
Height/storey: approximately 28 metres/9 storeys
Surface area: 11,308 sq.m, 4 buildings, 160 homes, 82 of which are affordable, ranging from studio to 5-room duplexes
Completion date: 2025
Location: Les Groues district (Nanterre)

Located in the Groues district in Nanterre, on Rue Hanriot, this project is organised around halls that host activities, bringing together places for sharing, including a hanging garden, as well as workshops and housing.

The project involves the construction of two distinct building complexes, to the east and west, in a "strip" layout so as to maintain a visual connection to the public space of the Jardin des Rails from the street, with a central core, shared between private gardens associated with ground floor housing and a communal garden.

The residence offers a wide range of flats from studios to 5-room duplexes, most of which have outdoor areas, balconies or terraces, some with views over the tree-lined alleys or landscaped areas.

The choice of features will ensure that residents enjoy daily comfort: laminate flooring in the entrances, living rooms and bedrooms, tiled floors in wet rooms, latest-generation materials for sound and heat insulation, wooden exterior joinery, etc.

The project is developing a total of 160 homes, including :

  • 82 for free access
  • 46 social housing units,
  • 17 LLI housing units,
  • 15 PSLA units.

Delivery is scheduled for the end of 2025.

Les Hallizées

  • Les Hallizées
  • Les Hallizées
  • Les Hallizées