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Developer: Paris La Défense
Investor: Générale Continentale Investissements / Benson Elliot
Architect: Studios Architecture
General contractor: Bouygues Bâtiment IdF - Private renovation
Owner: SCI BD Guynemer, represented by GCI
Project Management Assistant: Ideve
Programming: offices
Surface area: 22,000 sq.m
Location : Arche Nord, Coupole - Regnault district (Courbevoie)
To be delivered in 2021

Just a five-minute walk from Paris La Défense's main transportation hub, Latitude was built by Générale Continentale Investissements (GCI) in partnership with Benson Elliot Capital Management (BECM). The project has eight wide floors with 2,200 sq.m. of floor space capable of accommodating up to 2,000 people in a setting dedicated to professional excellence and commercial attractiveness. The Latitude building was designed to provide an inclusive work environment through the spatial-architectural considerations of state-of-the-art facilities and services. With a bold design by Studios Architecture, the building is located just a stone's throw from the CNIT and on the banks of the boulevard Circulaire, and enjoys high visibility. Latitude is distinguished by specific architectural elements with a wave of ribbons enveloping the building.

GCI wanted to create a building with a strong identity with the bold design of STUDIOS Architecture. The design of the complex is based on the trilogy "one address-ideas-one community". In addition to high-performance offices, Latitude offers an unprecedented range of services throughout the day, with reversible spaces that bring a sense of urbanity to the building. The animated base contributes to the emulation of its users, so that the work destination, whatever the time of day, becomes a pleasure.

Latitude is also distinguished by its deliberately user-oriented positioning. As an extension of its lobby, its Services Center was designed as a "Parisian-style" interior street with a brasserie, pizzeria, grocery store, coffee bar, etc., which can be transformed into work spaces, multipurpose rooms and reception areas. Its purpose is to create a friendly and attractive living space within the building. The accessibility of the building to the Latitude Metro and RER has been significantly facilitated by the creation of new staircases and the installation of an elevator that connect the infrastructure to the CNIT and the main network of La Défense. Ideally located in a redesigned environment with easy access (elevators, new stairways, etc.) to the "Coeur Transport" multimodal hub, Latitude has more than 2,200 square meters of floor space. These are particularly well-suited to collaborative work, which is becoming increasingly popular with companies.

An urban environment redesigned by Paris La Défense.

At the same time, Paris La Défense has carried out modernization work on the intersection, the Latitude building's forecourt, and the nearby covered walkways. The arrival of the Trinity and Latitude real estate programs was the trigger for the requalification of the public spaces of the district to reduce their road character in favor of wider pedestrian spaces enhanced by plantings and new furniture.

The intersection was redesigned to mark the entrance to the business district, through a composition in the form of a large ellipse that can be read at ground level and from above and that unifies the various components of the intersection. The square in front of the Latitude building now benefits from a large space dedicated to pedestrians, reinforced by new plantings and new pedestrian crossings.

The Paris La Défense projects have made it possible to calm this intersection, by calming traffic, giving back their place to pedestrians and cyclists thanks to new crosswalks and the creation of a cycle path, while planting and levelling the alleyway alongside the Résidence Leclerc to facilitate travel for people with reduced mobility. Finally, the installation of new pavements, furniture and quality lighting gives this area a more modern identity, like a square, in line with the developments carried out by the property developers. These new connections have now been delivered, facilitating travel between the CNIT, the cities and the Coupole-Regnault district.

Latitude is:

  • 22,000 square meters of office space on 8 floors;
  • 267 parking spaces for cars, 33 motorized bicycles and 55 bicycle spaces
  • spacious, efficient and bright office space with an average floor area of 2,200 m²;
  • a diversified offer of restaurants and services on the first floor;
  • environmental certifications and labels: HQE 'Exceptional', BREEAM 'Excellent', Effinergie+, ready for Well Core and Shell label, Wiredscore level 'Platinum';
  • excellent visibility from the ring road and the CNIT. Less than 5 minutes walk from La Défense public transport (RER A, Métro 1), easily accessible by elevators, escalators and newly built staircases.

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Did you know?

At the end of 2021, Latitude will be home to the management of Sopra Steria's France division as well as several operational and functional entities located in the Paris region, bringing together nearly 2,000 employees on this site.