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In short

Developer: Paris La Défense
Architects : Jean-Paul Viguier and Marc Mimram
Owner: VINCI
Contractors: VINCI Construction and VINCI Energies Surface area: 74,000 sq.m of offices and 1,500 sq.m of shops Location: Nanterre, Parc Nord district
Handover: 2021

VINCI's future headquarters, an emblematic program in Les Groues

Starting in September, nearly 4,000 VINCI employees will move into the Archipelago, the Group's future headquarters. All of the Group's business lines will be grouped together on the fringe of Les Groues, so as to encourage the development of synergies and multiple connections within the archipelago, but also with the district's ecosystem.

The two architects, Jean-Paul Viguier and Marc Mimram, set out to create an architectural ensemble that is both plural and homogeneous, reflecting the Group's DNA, in order to "create a city". In this way, the archipelago will express both the diversity and the collective spirit of VINCI, and will illustrate its openness to the city. One particularity - and added value - of the project lies in its mixed-use logic, since it interweaves a private building for tertiary use with a public transport structure, with the future Nanterre La Folie station. This project also demonstrates the Group's strong ambition in terms of development, which is to build the city on top of the city. The aim is to recreate urban intensity in this former railway wasteland in order to make the best use of land resources and limit urban sprawl. Finally, the archipelago will be a demonstrator of the Group's know-how and innovations, exemplary in terms of quality of life at work for its residents and the energy performance of the buildings.

The future VINCI world headquarters in figures:

74,000 m² of office space and 1,500 m² of retail space 4,000 workstations 100 m (24 floors): height of the high-rise building 200 people mobilized on the structural work in 2019 800 employees mobilized at the peak of the project The schedule

March 2016: signing of the land sale agreement March 2017: filing of the building permit by VINCI and SNCF Réseau January 2018: start of earthworks and foundations for phase 1 1st quarter 2019: start of structural work on the superstructure Spring 2019: start of work on section 2 End of 2020: completion of structural work Early 2021: start of tenant works September 2021: delivery of the project October 2021: delivery of lot D

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