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In short

Developer : Paris La Défense
Investor: DWS Gmbh Grundbesitz
Architect: YM Architecture
Owner: DWS Gmbh Grundbesitz
Project Management Assistant: Orféo

Surface : 17 000 sq.m. SDP
Height: 62 m
19 levels

Location : Arche sud, Valmy district (Puteaux)
Renovation work will begin in August 2018.
Delivery: 1st quarter 2020

Restructuring for a new identity

Located in the Valmy district behind the Grande Arche, the renovation project of the KupkA building offers a new life to the building, more in line with its environment and the new work organizations.

The three main architectural ideas led by the YMA agency are as follows:

  • rethinking the entrance sequence and thus the relationship of the building with the public space;
  • to revitalize the facade by relying on its atypical shape to make it assume its new identity;
  • enhancing the potential of the exterior spaces with the introduction of greenery for the well-being of users.

The building is notably composed of :

  • 2 atriums;
  • New catering areas, fitness areas, café Buisness center with a capacity of 75 people;
  • accessible outdoor spaces with 550m2 of green space, rooftop.

The project aims at the best standards of labels and certifications: BREEAM EXCELLENT, HQE EXCELLENT, WELL GOLD, WIREDSCORE GOLD.

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