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In short

Developer : Paris La Défense
Investor : DWS Gmbh Grundbesitz
Project owner : DWS Gmbh Grundbesitz
Project Management Assistant : Orféo
Architect : YM Architecture
Height : 62m, 19 levels
Surface : 17 000 m² of offices
Delivery date: 2020
Location: Arche Sud, Valmy district (Puteaux) - 14 ,18 rue Hoche in Puteaux

Restructuring for a new identity

Located in the Valmy district south of the Grande Arche, on the Puteaux side, the renovation project for the KupkA building offers a new life to the building, more in line with its environment and the new work organizations.

Three main ideas guided the restructuring of this building

  • Rethinking the entrance sequence. The new entrance has been moved to the front and offers a better connection to the slab and an optimized presentation of its main access
  • Revitalize the facade with the creation of two atriums that offer a view of La Défense from the inside
  • Enhance the exterior spaces so that users benefit from 550m2 of private green space with a garden and an accessible rooftop.

The building is composed of

  • 2 atriums;
  • New catering areas, fitness areas, and a Business Center café with a capacity of 75 people;
  • accessible outdoor spaces with 550m2 of green space, rooftop.

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  • Kupka-Archimages-Credits Yann Audic

Did you know?

According to architect Yrieix Martineau, of the YMA agency, "The new architecture of the building uses noble materials. The mix of wood, marble, stone, glass and fabric gives a feeling of durability, comfort and luminosity with the dynamism of a contemporary design.