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In short

Owner: Paris La Défense
Leader of the consortium : BNP Paribas Real Estate
Co-developer: SPIE Batignolles Immobilier
Urban and landscape architects: AREP Architectes, RSHP/ Vogt
Surface area: 19,000 m² of student accommodation, offices, services and public spaces
Start of works: 2026
Handover: 2029
Location: Esplanade sud, Villon district (Puteaux)

After the Ségoffin site, it is now the turn of the Jean Moulin site to have its winner following the "Empreintes" call for mixed-use, low-carbon projects. This new project will recreate a link between the town of Puteaux and the business district through a mixed-use programme.

Jean Moulin site

At the heart of the Villon district, bordered to the north by Avenue Jean Moulin and to the south by the Altiplano slab and the La Défense esplanade, the Jean Moulin site is one of the entrances to the business district. Just a 15-minute walk from Puteaux town centre and 5 minutes from the future La Défense esplanade park and the Gallieni garden, the site is ideally located.

The jury for the Jean Moulin site met in October 2023 and selected the "Jean Moulin" project, led by BNP Paribas Real Estate.

Reconnecting Paris La Défense with Puteaux town centre

The project led by BNP Paribas Real Estate will create a new, high-quality pedestrian link between the town of Puteaux and La Défense, and will be accompanied by the transformation of Avenue Jean Moulin into a veritable urban boulevard. The winning project will bring a new urbanity to the redeveloped Avenue Jean Moulin, with the creation of a third-party centre and the addressing of the programmes. What's more, thanks to the creation of a new pedestrian walkway suitable for people with reduced mobility, between the student accommodation scheme and the service sector scheme, it will be possible to walk easily to the La Défense esplanade from Avenue Jean Moulin and Puteaux town centre.

A programme with societal aspirations

The Jean Moulin project offers a broad mix of office space, housing, sports facilities, restaurants and a third-party centre. The concepts of hybridity and reversibility have shaped the building programme. Programming designed by and for users. The consortium set up a digital survey methodology with Made In Vote to co-define the broad outlines of the programme.

Housing for students and young professionals

The development includes studio to two-bedroom flats for young professionals and students. Residents will benefit from a wide range of services: reception, gym, laundry, co-working, relaxation and projection areas (TV, table football, etc.), as well as a restaurant-cafeteria, Internet connection, loan of small equipment, entertainment (evenings, events, etc.) and bicycle parking.

A reversible office building

The building's structure incorporates the notion of reversibility, ensuring flexibility of use in the event of changing needs during the building's life cycle. The complex stands out from the urban landscape thanks to its facade, which is rhythmically articulated by voids and solids, and the extensive planting of its roofs and balconies. With floors that can be divided by two access cores, it will be able to accommodate all types of occupancy (open spaces, individual offices, coworking) and all types of structures (start-ups, SMEs, SSE players, major groups, etc.).

A shopping mall

Operated by the Basque company Biltoki, this 1,300m2 gourmet market will provide a meeting place for local residents, employees and students. It will include a range of food shops, from bakeries to delicatessens, promoting traditional skills and short-distance products.

Le Pavillon, a third place open to the city

Opening onto Avenue Jean Moulin, Le Pavillon's 250 sq. m. of space is dedicated to hosting a cultural and community programme for local players in the cultural, social and community sectors. Craftspeople, artists, associations and start-ups will find a temporary programme, a community café, an exhibition space, a fab-lab and educational workshops.

A climbing gym for soaring to new heights

On the Jean Moulin site, 840 m² will be devoted to the art of indoor climbing. Climbing District will install climbing routes in the base of the student accommodation building. These facilities will complement the two climbing gyms at Paris La Défense (Blocbuster and Hapik).

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Jean Moulin, an approach based on a positive footprint

All the superstructures of the project (student residence and tertiary programme) will be built using a timber frame, with a system of wooden posts and beams and wooden or wood-concrete floors. The winning consortium has carried out detailed studies enabling it to make a commitment to reach the 2028 threshold of the RE2020 on the IC construction indicator.

In order to limit the carbon footprint of the project, the development of the Jean Moulin programme includes the reuse of bitumen and any excavated earth from the avenue for the foundations of the complex, earthworks and land levelling. Particular attention will be paid to the location of supply sources. The team wants to limit the distance travelled to within a 250 km radius of the site for 75% of the total volume of materials, in order to reduce the carbon footprint associated with transport. In addition, 100% of the timber used on the project will be PEFC and/or FSC certified.

BNP Paribas Real Estate, its co-sponsor and the project's urban planning architects, were assisted by the design offices Ingerop and Socotep, by Eodd AMO for the bioclimatic studies, by AREP for the programming and by the economists DAL.

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