A green area with a playground for 3/12 year olds, with swings, slides and places for parents and carers.

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In short

Owner/project management : Paris La Défense/IN SITU - MAGEO - LEA - SOL PAYSAGE - C&E - TRANS FAIRE - ZOOM
Landscaper : In Situ
Surface area: 12,500 m², creation of a new park providing continuity to the green loop encircling the ZAC des Groues operation
Manager: City of Nanterre
Completion date: 2025
Location: Les Groues district (Nanterre)

The heart of the Jardin des Rails, located in the Groues district, is organised around a wide pathway in the form of a stretched arc, following the route of the old railway tracks. To the north, a densely planted hedgerow at least 6 metres wide provides a distance from the housing lots while offering a habitat for wildlife. The southern part offers landscaped areas in line with the needs of the inhabitants.

The Fruit Tree Meadow

The first sequence is particularly simple in its treatment: a large meadow on the ground and lines of orchards.

The meadow is dotted with a few facilities to improve comfort and multiply uses: benches, posts for attaching a hammock or a slackline, etc. It is a place where it is possible to sit or lie down in the grass.

The lines of orchards run parallel to the path and then shift to create a breathing space opposite the rain garden. The varieties of fruit trees are selected either for the quality of the fruit, with the possibility of harvesting, or for their decorative flowering in spring. Local and ancient species will be favoured. Almond trees are also planned to continue the history that the city of Nanterre has with this tree. In all, 200 trees will be planted.

The Rain Garden

In order to increase the potential for hosting biodiversity and the diversity of the types of environment, the project plans to create a wetland. The waterproofed surface, associated with a rainwater storage system, allows the installation of a particular and rich fauna and flora.

Furniture, benches and a meridian, located on the southern edges allow the inhabitants to enjoy this "inaccessible" landscape. The central passageway allows people to discover this natural space.

The large playground

The project provides for a structuring playground equipment for the whole of the Groues district and in connection with the school group. Wooden games are positioned in the shade of a grove of evergreen trees. A large slide tower forms the signal element of the playground. Large tables and lounges are positioned near the playground to ensure the comfort of parents and carers.

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