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In short

Developer : Paris La Défense
Investor : Bouygues Immobilier
Architect: François Leclercq, A+, Samuel Delmas
Town planner : François Leclercq
Landscaper : Fabien Culie
Landscapers of the Terrasses : TGTFP accompanied by Florence Mercier landscaper

Location: Université-Cœur de Quartier (Nanterre)
Delivery: Spring 2019

Initial is a residence divided into two 8-storey blocks designed by architects François Leclerq (block 7) and Samuel Delmas (block 8). This complex of 175 housing units, including 63 social housing units, restaurants at the foot of the building and underground parking, is characterized by the quality of life it offers its residents. Indeed, in addition to its contemporary and varied architecture, INITIAL offers various services such as intelligent and connected housing (some apartments benefit from the FLEXOM solution), as well as 500 m² of shared gardens created on the 2500 m² green slab above the RER A suburban train line.

On an urban scale, lots 7 and 8 are at the crossroads of two strong projects: the Seine Arche ZAC and the Cœur de Quartier urban project. They are part of the Terrasses de Nanterre continuity and herald the start of the Cœur de Quartier project, which itself presents, in a condensed form, all the complexities of the Seine Arche project: its interweaving with the infrastructure, its fragmented urban histories, its rare mix of physical constraints and development potential.

Paris La Défense, as developer, created the green spaces, called Les Terrasses, located at the foot of the residence and which continue to the Grande Arche.

At the foot of Initial, terraces 6 and 7 are :

  • 13,000 m² of landscaped areas
  • 235 meters long by 55 meters wide
  • 1 year and a half of work between January 2018 and summer 2019.

The choice of Les Terrasses is that of a strong and legible landscape party designed by the TGTFP urban planning workshop accompanied by Florence Mercier landscape designer. Each of the Terrasses has been designed as an ornamental garden composed of local plant species, favouring the maintenance of biodiversity. Water management was a fundamental element. On part of the Terrasses, rainwater is stored for watering, and an overflow towards the valley (vegetated ditch) allows storm water to be retained for a few hours. These arrangements help to lower temperatures during heat waves (the plants release water vapour into the air) and to replenish the water tables.

A work on the terraces

Terrace 7 hosts "Beautiful View ≠1", a work created by the two Swiss artists Sabina Lang and Daniel Baumann.