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In short

Developer : Paris La Défense
Architects : 3XN - SRA architecte
Contracting authority: VINCI Immobilier
Companies: VINCI Construction France & VINCI Energies
InDefense surface area: 10,000 m² of office space
Location: Nanterre, Parc Nord district
Delivery: Mid 2022

In the extension of the archipelago, two VINCI Immobilier programs

In mid-2022, and following on from the five buildings that make up the archipelago, this real estate programme will be set up at the foot of the Paris La Défense Arena along the Boulevard de La Défense. This office building will house VINCI Immobilier's headquarters.

InDéfense in figures

  • 10,000 sq.m. of office space
  • 7 floors
  • 249 sq.m. of retail space
  • 180 indoor parking spaces
  • 28 parking spaces for two-wheelers

VINCI Immobilier's future head office, InDéfense, will be located in the immediate vicinity of La Défense, in the heart of the Groues district in Nanterre. Its location will provide a great opportunity to strengthen synergies with the VINCI Group and the Archipelago, its head office.

Designed by the Danish architectural firm 3XN, the InDéfense building will be recognisable by its contemporary geometric facades alternating glazed sections and bronze-coloured metal cassettes, its cantilevers, its varied depths, etc. The main materials chosen are aluminium and glass, which will take on different colours and finishes. As for the façades of the main hall, they will be entirely glazed to let in natural light on the landings of all floors. The hall will be enhanced by a monumental staircase, the backbone of the building, which will serve all levels, from the ground floor to the 7th floor.

The timetable

  • October 2019: start of works
  • 2021: completion of the tenant works
  • Mid 2022: delivery

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