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In short

Investor/sponsor: Primonial REIM France/Eiffage Construction Grands Projets
Project management assistant: Orfeo
Architects: Ateliers Ateliers 2/3/4/CHZON
Height: 155 m
Surface area: 65,000 m², including 58,000 m² of offices, 7,000 m² of services and shops
Completion date: 2024
Location: Arche Nord Arche Nord (Faubourg de l'Arche district)

Mixed-use programming that benefits everyone

The renovation of the Adria Tower and its three-story elevation are the sign of a reinvention for the business district. At the heart of the Hopen project is the desire to open up, to offer a new type of office building not only to its users but also to the residents.

Hopen has been designed from the outset to reconcile social and ecological responsibility, to favor the reversibility of spaces and to accommodate a plurality of services. The base will be open to employees and the general public. Hopen will thus become a true destination, combining restaurants, shops, services and culture. At the top of the tower, the other flagship space of the whole: a restaurant open to the horizon, welcomes the general public and offers a unique view of Paris La Défense and the Greater West of Paris at a height of 150 meters.

With a building base accessible to all, a panoramic rooftop, restaurant spaces, services, and a large bicycle parking lot (450 m²), Hopen aims to create new links between employees and residents of Paris La Défense.

An innovative social and environmental project

Restructuring rather than destroying: a strong message at the heart of Paris La Défense. After the Aurore tower and the Carré Michelet, this tower demonstrates once again the process undertaken for several years to transform and rehabilitate the real estate stock. Hopen is aiming for environmental certifications: HQE and BREEAM Excellent labels.

Concrete actions in favor of sustainable development have been thought out right down to the services: bicycle room, reduction of waste and sustainable waste treatment. The investor Primonial REIM France is also committed to the health and well-being of the tower's future users by aiming for the Well Gold, Well HSR and Ready to Osmoz labels.


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