Yvonne Kerzrého school group

School Group Aerial view crédit Sam Architecture et Artefact
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In short

Project owner: City of Nanterre
Project management: Sam Architecture, Bollinger-Grohmann, BET Choulet
Height and floors: 17 meters - 3 floors
Surface area: 4,800 m², primary and nursery school (11 elementary classes and 9 nursery classes) and two leisure centers (13 rooms)
Handover: 2024
Location: Groues district (Nanterre)

The Yvonne Kerzrého school group: 20 nursery and elementary classes and two leisure centers

The school group is spread over three floors, each of which is as versatile, progressive and open as possible. Each of them hosts a recreation area: from the natural courtyard with trees on the ground floor to the roof terrace under its pergola. The latter offers a double benefit: it provides a shaded area for the students and produces, through its photovoltaic cover, the energy intended for the building.

Responding to urban issues, it constitutes a built front on the street and opens onto the rail garden. The schools are organized around a large wooded atrium that unites the different levels and articulates wide circulations. It is an active surface, intended to be occupied as often as possible, afin order to multiply the activities.

Largely glazed on the outside to provide a healthy teaching environment, the school group is built with natural and biosourced materials such as wood.

Construction schedule

  • Summer 2021: start of construction.
  • Spring 2022: earthworks, structural work and building structure.
  • January 2023: completion of the building's roof.
  • Early 2023: interior fittings.
  • Fall 2023: completion of the exterior spaces (playground).
  • Beginning of 2024: completion of the school building.
  • Beginning of the school year 2024: reception of the students.

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  • School Group Aerial view crédit Sam Architecture et Artefact
  • School group view of the wood hall crédit Sam Architecture
  • School Group view of Arras Street crédit Sam Architecture