Gare La Défense Ligne 15 Ouest

Gare La Défense Ligne 15 Ouest
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In short

Project owner: Société du Grand Paris
Financers: Société du Grand Paris
Design and construction: Intencités 15 / Vinci Construction Grands Projets consortium
Start of works: 2023
Handover: 2031
Location: Arche Sud / Rose de Cherbourg (Puteaux) Arche Sud / Rose de Cherbourg (Puteaux)

The Grand Paris Express project involves building 200 km of automatic metro by 2031 to link the Greater Paris region.

The Grand Paris Express network: a titanic undertaking

Four new metro lines will be created around the capital (15,16,17,18) and line 14 is to be extended to the south and north to link Saint-Denis to Orly airport. The Grand Paris Express is a major social project (to open up towns and cities), an urban project (to accompany and drive numerous development projects around stations), an environmental project (an alternative to the car) and an economic project (around 115,000 jobs created).

The project is being managed by the Société du Grand Paris, which was set up in 2010 to design and build the new metro. Work on the first lines began in 2015. The lines will be brought into service progressively until 2031.

Focus on line 15 West

By decree of the Council of State of 21 November 2016 (decree no. 2016-1566), line 15 Ouest was declared to be in the public interest. Line 15 West will link 11 stations from Saint-Denis Pleyel to Pont de Sèvres in 25 minutes... Two départements are affected by line 15 West: Seine-Saint-Denis and Hauts-de-Seine. This strategic line, 22.4 km long and built underground, will provide better links between these areas and benefit more than 800,000 residents! It will also help to strengthen the economic hub of western Paris. La Défense, with the 4th largest business district in the world, will benefit from more direct links with the other strategic areas of Greater Paris (such as Saint-Denis Pleyel and the airports at Roissy and Le Bourget). Line 15 West is scheduled for completion by 2030.

Benefits for passengers

  • By 2031, line 15 West will offer optimised connections with Transilien lines L and U, metro 1, RER lines A and E, tramways and surrounding bus lines.
  • La Défense will be 13 minutes from Saint-Denis Pleyel (compared with 26 minutes today)!

Key figures for line 15 West

  • 14 municipalities involved, including 2 départements
  • 11 stations, 10 of which will connect with the metro, RER, transilien or tramways
  • 22.4 km of automatic underground metro line
  • 5.39 billion invested
  • 2030, when the line will come into service

A new station at Puteaux

The location of La Défense station has raised a number of questions relating to technical and financial constraints. It has therefore been the subject of a public enquiry into the declaration of public utility, which will be amended in June 2021. The conclusions of the enquiry are available on the Société du Grand Paris website.

La Défense" station will finally be located at Puteaux, avenue du Général de Gaulle, in the new Rose de Cherbourg district. The preparatory work being carried out by Orange involves taking soundings and relocating existing networks (drinking water pipes and telecommunications networks). An essential step in freeing up the space for the future station! Once the right-of-way has been cleared, another important stage is planned: digging and building the underground section of the station.

La Défense station construction schedule

2023 to 2025: preparatory work July 2023: civil engineering notification End of 2031: handover of the station

For information: on 13 July 2023, Société du Grand Paris awarded the contract to the Intencités15 consortium, led by Vinci Construction Grands Projets. This is the first Grand Paris Express contract to be awarded under this type of contract, which allows Société du Grand Paris to simultaneously entrust the design (studies) and construction (execution of works) of a project to a single consortium of operators.

The Société du Grand Paris local agent, a privileged contact to answer your everyday questions in Puteaux: Aissétou Sylla - 06 68 01 23 31 /

For more information:

Map of Line 15 West

Pont de Sèvres, Saint-Cloud, Rueil-Suresnes Mont-Valérien, Nanterre La Boule, Nanterre La Folie, La Défense, Bécon-les-Bruyères, Bois-Colombes, Les Agnettes, Les Grésillons, Saint-Denis Pleyel.


Did you know?

The Société du Grand Paris has set up a journey simulator on its website!