Nanterre La Folie – RER E station

Nanterre La Folie station – RER E © Explorations Architecture / Groupement VIGUIER & Marc Mimram Architecture & Associés / My Lucky Pixel
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In short

Owner : SNCF Réseau
Project management : TWIST consortium (Arcadis / Explorations Architecture)
Financers : State, Ile-de-France Region, SGP, City of Paris, Hauts-de-Seine and Yvelines Departments, Ile-de-France Mobilités, SNCF Réseau
Architect : Explorations Architecture
Program : creation of a station for the extension of the RER E to the west
Terminus : Chelles/Tournan <> Nanterre La Folie (East branch of the RER E)
Commissioning : 2024
Location : Groues district, boulevard de La Défense (Nanterre)

The future RER E Nanterre La Folie station

The third new station in the Eole project (extension of the RER E to the west) will be located on the Groues railway line.

This intermodal station at the heart of the renovated Les Groues district will contribute to its dynamism and the development of intermodality and soft modes (bicycles, pedestrians, etc.). It will help to reduce the saturation of the RER A and will also be a possible alternative in the event of an incident, with a 5-minute walk between the two RERs.

Passenger flow will be smoother, simpler and linked to public spaces, thanks in particular to an imposing main entrance 8 metres high and 12 metres wide. It will be 100% accessible and will accommodate more than 10,000 passengers per day, with 22 trains at peak times, 16 trains from the East and 6 from the West when it is fully operational.

The project to extend the RER E to the west requires the construction of sidings and service buildings. The site known as the "railway island" to the north of the Eole station (consisting of former warehouses and workshops) will be developed for the installation of sidings and a service building.

Key points and benefits of the future station

  • The Nanterre La Folie station will be in service by spring 2024
  • An intermodal station: bikes, buses, metro, trains
  • A pedestrian bridge serving the station's 4 platforms
  • 6 tracks
  • Frequent trains: 22 trains during peak hours
  • Two road bridges improving accessibility and connection between the Terrasses and Groues districts

Future RER E journey times

  • Nanterre - Porte Maillot in 6 minutes compared to 12 minutes today
  • Nanterre - Magenta in 12 minutes compared to 25 minutes today
  • Nanterre - Mantes-la-Jolie in 37 minutes compared with 57 minutes today
  • Nanterre - Chelles Gournay in 32 minutes compared with 46 minutes today


  • 2015-2017: Preparatory work
  • 2017-2020 : Civil engineering works
  • 2020 : Laying of tracks and catenaries
  • 2020: Installation of railway signalling
  • 2023 : Installation of the platforms and the footbridge - artwork for the station premises
  • Spring 2024: Finishing touches and testing

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  • Gare Nanterre La Folie – RER E © Groupement VIGUIER & Marc Mimram Architecture & Associés / Ida+
  • Nanterre La Folie station footbridge @SNCF
  • Quai Gare Nanterre La Folie @SCNF