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In short

Developer : Paris La Défense
Investor / Promoter: SCI Europa (Blackrock)
Architect/Urban: Rudy Ricciotti
MOE: 14ig
AMO: Orfeo
Companies: GA

Surface : 30 161 sq.m
Offices: 27,691 sq.m
Shops : 2 470 sq.m
Location : Quartier Corolles Reflets Iris
Delivery :

The Europe Tower has undergone an interior renovation as well as the renovation of the façades of the "Salle des Nations" building. This renovation operation was carried out by the German investor KanAm Grund, who entrusted the project management to Arc Moe. This in-depth renovation of the tower earned it several labels and certifications, including BBC HQE Renovation and HQE Operation. The work was completed in 2013. The tower is partially occupied by Dalkia.

Since 2018, the base of the tower has been undergoing a renovation programme by SCI Europa and architect Rudy Ricciotti. Through this programme, the project owner's goal is to enhance the appeal of the Europe Tower for existing and future users, as well as for local residents and employees:

  • Create a new architectural signature at the foot of the Tower and open the Europe Tower to its immediate environment by strengthening its anchorage to the ground and capitalizing on the generous link created by Paris La Défense to the North Circular.
  • Provide the Tower with new services for existing and future users.
  • Establish shops accessible to the public from the slab in order to revitalize the Europe Tower and its surroundings, by completing and reinforcing the existing offer.

The following services will therefore be offered in the future:

  • A top-of-the-range fitness centre on the R-1 with access to Place des Corolles.
  • A restaurant with rooftop in the old "Salle des Nations".
  • A brewery overlooking the Fountain of Corolles


The work will be divided into two phases:

Phase One:

  • Modification of the entrance to the Tower: creation of a temporary hall at the level of the Corolles Fountain.
  • Implementation of a construction site right-of-way all around the Tower and the Salle des Nations (excluding the temporary hall).
  • Replacement of the existing awning for a new one above the entrance to the hall
  • Replacement of facades
  • Work inside the tower

Phase Two:

  • Modification of the construction site right-of-way from Phase 1 to return to the Tower's access through the main lobby, which will then be completed.
  • Condemnation of the temporary hall and installation of a right of way in front of it
  • Installation of a canopy on the facade overlooking the fountain of Corolles
  • Replacement of the remaining facades
  • Work inside the tower

The base is now complete. The interior fittings are in progress.

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