Higher education school

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In short

Developer: Paris La Défense
Promoter: Nacarat
Architect: LAN Architecture
Surface: 6,085 sq.m.
Higher education school
Location: Parc Nord district (Nanterre)
Delivery: 2021

Open the school to the Croissant sector

Located near Boulevard de Pesaro, the higher education school specializing in computer science (Leonardo da Vinci Institute), will open its doors at the start of the September 2021 school year.

Designed in the first phase of urban renewal in the Croissant sector (2015-2022), the school, along with the Altana housing program delivered in 2018, plays an important role in rebalancing the identity of the neighborhood. This achievement by LAN Architects includes, in addition to classrooms, a Fab-Lab, co-working spaces, a 170-seat amphitheater, a cafeteria, outdoor terraces and relaxation areas.

Enlivening the Boulevard de Pesaro, the building literally "shows" the life of the school. In fact, the common programs have been grouped together on the ground floor and on the first floor to form a transparent base. This opens widely to the south towards the great fault, which has become a large mineral piazza, and to the north onto the ramp rehabilitated into a green square, connecting the two urban levels of the project. The ground floor consists of the cafeteria, entrance hall and workshops, and also provides access to a 170-seat auditorium.

The purpose of the space organization is to encourage and promote interactions between students, teachers and administrative staff. Particular attention has been paid to circulation, which is as important as the spaces it serves. Crossing and irrigating the school, the course reveals the diversity of spaces in terms of height, shape and assignments, but also the way they connect, thus becoming a progressive course, revealing and stimulating the life of the school. .

The importance of rhythm

The rhythm of the facades and floors is marked by brick and glass modules, where a regular and rigorous frame alternates with major elements of urban dialogue. The alternation of brick and glass produces a building that is both massive and transparent.

Higher education school © Martin Argyroglo