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In short

Leader of the consortium : Linkcity
Developers: Linkcity / Crédit Agricole Immobilier Corporate et Promotion
Architects : L'AUC / XDGA / MM
Landscaper: Inside Outside
Height / storeys: 3 buildings including a low-carbon IGH, the 1st in France
Surface area: 62,000 sq.m
Delivery: 2031

The winner of the latest Empreintes site, Demi-Lune, led by Linkcity and Crédit Immobilier Corporate et Promotion, was selected by the jury in February 2024.

The Demi-Lune site

Located in Puteaux, Demi-Lune is close to the Grande Arche and the Westfield Les 4 temps shopping center. Tomorrow, the site will be connected to the Rose de Cherbourg, Le Croissant and Parc Sud developments.

The Demi-Lune project

On a site marked by road infrastructure, the project will create a new emblematic green space, accompanied by a wide range of programming, and will be a laboratory for creating France's first low-carbon high-rise building.

The project is based on 3 fundamental principles.

A soil

The entire southern part of the site will be planted with a hill of vegetation. This strong landscaping gesture that determines the urban design of the project: more than a third of the surface area of the site will be planted in the open ground, more than 150 tall trees will be planted. The park will provide pathways to the various reference levels of the district, and will constitute a precious island of coolness and a reservoir of biodiversity at the heart of the mineral city. It will enhance all the activities of the outdoor space base. The hill will host a wide range of activities: sports, outdoor cinema, contemplation, picnics on the hill, outdoor reading...

A 3+1 base

The active pedestal is treated vertically, linking all reference levels to existing or redeveloped public space, from boulevard Kupka to the parvis de La Défense, via the calmer boulevard Patrick Devedjian and the link with the Couchant footbridge.

3 poles mark the foot of the buildings:

  • A 5,000 sq.m "Food" hub at the foot of the high-rise tower, featuring a gourmet hall showcasing local produce from the Ile-de-France region and terraces;
  • A "Culture" hub of around 3,000 sq.m; immersive city, modular cultural hall;
  • A "Sports" hub of around 3,000 sq.m (including 1,000 sq.m outdoor), at the foot of the student residence: aqualudic center, indoor/outdoor climbing center.

In addition to these 3 hubs, a fourth 2,500 sq.m hub dedicated to education and training will be located in a volume of the tower, linked to the student residence, forming a portico above the new Place Demi Lune. Each of these hubs will have its own external extension on the hill.

A sky

  • A 90-metre-high, 27,500 sq.m tower at the corner of the Parvis de La Défense and Boulevard Patrick Devedjian will house two-room apartments, a hotel, a school and offices (minority share);
  • A 50-metre-high building between the new Place Demi-lune and Boulevard Devedjian will house a 12,000 sq.m student residence;
  • A second 50-metre-high building, to the west of the site, faces the forecourt and is supported by pilings on the hill. On the upper floors, it houses a Neoz program of 12,000 sq.m of serviced rental housing.

The active base will unite the three buildings at their feet.

For the 2 IMHs, the group is aiming for RE 2020/2028, for the IGH and at this stage of the study, the group is aiming for RE 2020/2025.

The consortium

Leader: Linkcity
Developers: Linkcity / Crédit Agricole Immobilier Corporate et Promotion
Architects : L'AUC / XDGA / MM Architectes
Engineering consultants: Ingerop / Arcora
Programming: Nova Consulting
Landscape designer: Inside Outside
Bioclimatic studies: Elioth
Economist: Bouygues Bâtiment
Sustainable development consultant: Elan / Elioth
Control office: Socotec
Fire prevention: Ingeprev
General contractor: Bouygues Bâtiment
Communication agencies: Artefactory Lab / Adonis Création
Editorial assistance: Demain matin
Innovation laboratories: Elab
Sociologist: Bfluid
Intensification of uses: Garage