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In short

Developer: Paris La Défense
Architects/Urban planners: TVK Architectes Urbanistes

Surface area: 4 hectares
Location: at the interface between La Défense, Puteaux, the Park and Terrasses districts in Nanterre.
Delivery: 2025

Since 2010, a dialogue has been initiated with the inhabitants in order to improve their daily lives and the development of a sector marked by road infrastructure. The urban renewal project based on the 2012 urban feasibility study (the architecture and urban planning agency TVK) foresees the construction of a mixed neighbourhood with a predominantly residential character.
Phase 2 of the Crescent, is currently under study. It envisages a mixed programme of housing and facilities (hotel, gymnasium, etc.).

The objectives of the urban project

  • Opening towards the business district, the surrounding areas and the André Malraux Park
  • Urban requalification of a highly constrained sector
  • Creation of a mixed-use neighborhood with diverse housing units

Future programming

  • 27,000 sq.m of accommodation
  • 3 600 sq.m of hotel
  • 1,000 sq.m of equipment

Phase 1

  • The real estate lots
    • Arche Horizon (link to project file on the site)
    • School of higher education (idem)
    • Altana (idem)
  • Development of public spaces

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