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In short

Developer: Paris La Défense
Surface area: Phase 1: 19,000 m² / Phase 2: 21,200 m2
Programming: housing / student residence / higher education school / shops
Delivery: Phase 1: 2023 and Phase 2: 2027
Location: ZAC Seine-Arche, Secteur Croissant (Nanterre)

A structuring project for the territory

At the crossroads of the La Défense business district, the André Malraux departmental park and the Paris La Défense Arena, the Le Croissant sector is continuing its transformation begun in 2015.

The Le Croissant programme is part of a global development project led by Paris La Défense in close collaboration with the city of Nanterre. Located within the Seine-Arche ZAC, the Le Croissant sector is at the interface of the La Défense business district, the Jardins de l'Arche and Paris La Défense Arena, the Terrasses de Nanterre and the André Malraux park.

The Crescent was structured around the roadworks of the 1970s. The D914, whose curve it follows, gave it its name. The Crescent project is located in two districts of Nanterre: Parc Nord and Parc Sud. Bounded by the Boulevard de La Défense, the Egalité and Fraternité buildings and Emile Aillaud's "Nuages" towers (Cité Pablo Picasso), this future district can now take advantage of an exceptional location. Its immediate proximity to several public transport stations, La Défense-Grande Arche, Nanterre-Préfecture and the future Nanterre-La Folie station makes it a prime site.

The demolition of part of the former MP89 overhead car park in 2015 gave way to the first phase of the urban project (2015-203) with the construction of the Altana housing programme, which will welcome its first residents in 2019. This was followed in 2022 by the opening of the higher education school specialising in information technology (Institut Léonard de Vinci), and the arrival of new residents in the 50 homes of the Arche Horizon residence and the ground floor shops. At the same time, the creation of new public spaces has made it possible to materialise the new entrance to the district.

The project's challenges and objectives

  • Opening up the Crescent sector to the neighbouring districts and the André Malraux departmental park
  • To redefine the public spaces
  • Create a mixed neighbourhood combining housing and diversified activities

The renewal of the Croissant began with a guide plan drawn up by the TVK - D'Ici-là group (real estate programming) and Topotek-Ogi (public spaces, landscaping and rainwater management). The main programming guidelines aim to create a mixed neighbourhood, largely residential. The programming of the Croissant is planned in two phases: 1st phase (2015-2023), 2nd phase (2020-2027).

Phase 1 of the Crescent project: until 2023

Phase 1 was initiated in 2015 on the first freed-up right-of-way. It includes two housing programmes (Altana, 8,709 m² and Arche Horizon, 3,973 m²) and the construction of a higher education establishment, the Institut Léonard de Vinci. The public space redevelopment project, which will run until 2023, focuses on street furniture (sports and outdoor activities) and the reconfiguration of the road network.

Phase 2 of the Crescent project: until 2026

Currently under study, the second phase of development is designed by the grouping led by the MG-AU agency. Made possible by the demolition of the last elements of the car park in 2020, this stage aims to create a new "piece of town", less dense than initially planned, which contrasts with the old urban landscape: life will be organised around pleasant squares, a small neighbourhood square, green public spaces, but also certain ground floors open to local residents and users. The urban project is being carried out in coordination with the road restructuring project led by the CD92. Completely redesigned pedestrian walkways will link the Crescent to neighbouring districts and to the public transport network. The programme also includes the relocation of the neighbourhood hall (Salle Gorki) and the construction of a new gymnasium. This second phase will be completed in 2027. The city is also working on restructuring the Gorki school group.

Close to everything!

From Le Croissant, it is possible to reach, in less than 15 minutes :

  • La Défense Grande Arche (Transilien L and U, metro line 1, RER A)
  • Nanterre Préfecture RER A station
  • the future Nanterre La Folie RER E station (2023) and M15 station of the Grand Paris Express (by 2030)

Project timetable

Phase 1

  • 2015 Demolition of the first section of the overhead car park, launch of the real estate projects
  • 2019 Delivery of the Altana building, opening of the first public spaces
  • 2020 Restructuring of access to the Egalité car park
  • 2021 Opening of the Leonardo da Vinci higher education site
  • 2022 Delivery of the Arche Horizon residence

Phase 2

  • 2020 Demolition of the second section of the overhead car park
  • 2021-2024 Design of the urban project
  • 2021-2023 Restructuring of the Gorki school group (City owner)
  • 2024-2027 Construction of new buildings and development of public spaces

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Did you know?

Why is this project called Le Croissant? The name of the Crescent project comes from the shape of the perimeter on which the developments are taking place.