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In short

Developer : Paris La Défense

EAST BATCHES - about 49,000 sq.m. SDP
Altaréa-Cogédim/ Eiffage Immobilier
Architect : Jean-Paul Viguier et Associés
Investor for the 21,500 sq.m. of office space: GCI (Générale Continentale Investissements)

WEST LOTS - about 76,000 sq.m.
Developer and investor : Bouygues Immobilier
Coordinating Architect: Agence François Leclercq

Surface : Building complex of 128,000 sq.m. approximately
Right-of-way: about 4 hectares
Location : Cœur de Quartier (Nanterre)
Delivery: Summer 2020, including public spaces

Its exceptional location, enhanced by its numerous public transport links grouped within the new multimodal station, links La Défense and the University of Paris Ouest, encouraging exchanges and meetings between residents, students and employees. Focused on the quality of life for all generations, the district benefits from a variety of facilities to meet everyone's needs, a dynamic economic hub, contemporary housing and a comprehensive commercial offer.

A lively district

Directly connected to the 32-hectare Paris Nanterre university campus, the district offers a real opportunity to bring to life a dynamic centre of shops and services. This living space will offer 14,000 sq.m of service shops and convenience stores at the foot of buildings on Rue des Terrasses and along Boulevard des Provinces Françaises. The Allée de Corse, a pedestrian walkway that will criss-cross the entire new district, will provide commercial continuity and dynamism throughout the site, leading to the Terrasses, rich in green spaces and shared gardens.

The lots EAST already delivered :
The project involves the construction of a 45,000 sq.m. property complex carried by the Altaréa-Cogédim / Eiffage/ GCI consortium, with the architectural firm Jean-Paul Viguier et Associés. The program includes 2 lots:

  • Citylife, to be delivered in 2019.
  • 2 student residences, a hotel residence and shops.

The WEST lots which will be delivered in 2020:
Built under Bouygues Immobilier project management, with Agence François Leclercq as architect-coordinator, lots 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 represent a total of 76,400 sq.m. of floor space, i.e:

  • 34,800m² of housing surface area. That is to say approximately 500 housing units from 7 to 12 floors.
  • 27,600 sq.m of office space along the railways.
  • 14,000 sq.m of shops, services and leisure and cultural facilities, including a 10-screen cinema complex planned on 3 levels and operated by Cap Cinéma. It could be used for other functions: auditorium, multipurpose rooms, concert halls, etc.
  • A 2,000 sq.m digital creation center offering a co-working space, "Smart Maker".

A sustainable neighbourhood

  • 40% renewable energy at the neighbourhood level
  • More efficient housing (RT 2012 - 20%)
  • Quality green spaces and a protected ecosystem
  • Innovative architecture with sustainable materials
  • Two Green Office buildings, which produce more energy than they consume.

Paris La Défense is developing all the public spaces:

  • Covering the RER A: civil engineering work designed to make the land on either side of the RER A Cergy branch buildable.
  • Public areas allowing connection to the university: Nicole Dreyfus course
  • Public areas serving the new passenger building at Nanterre University station: Anatole France viaduct, Patrice Chéreau esplanade.
  • New public spaces to serve new real estate developments: allée d'Aquitaine, allée de Corse, etc.
  • Requalification of the Boulevard des Provinces Françaises and the RD914 exit ramp
  • Extension of Blaise Pascal Street
  • Creation of the boulevard Abdendi Guémiah
  • Layout of Terraces 7 & 8, with green spaces and shared garden

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