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Nexity campus engie Garenne crédit KREACTION
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In short

Investor/sponsor: Swiss Life Asset Manager/Nexity
Architect: Groupement SCAU (mandataire) / CHAIX & MOREL / ART & BUILD
Height and storeys: 30m maximum - 7 storeys maximum
Surface area: 94,000 m², offices for Engie's head office - 4 buildings
Delivery date: 2024
Location: Charlebourg district (La Garenne-Colombes)

An eco-campus in the heart of an island of biodiversity

The construction of the future headquarters of the energy giant has begun and will house an innovative and sustainable eco-campus in this district of La Garenne-Colombes.

The first step was the closure of the former PSA factory site in 2018, followed by the demolition of buildings in 2019 and then the rehabilitation of the soil and the pre-earthworks in 2020.
Engie's project involves the construction of four buildings with a total surface area of 94,000 sq.m., built according to exemplary eco-design and maximum requirements in terms of sustainable development.

As for the 6,300 employees expected to work on the site, they will benefit from offices that are largely glazed and open to the outside via balconies and terraces. The result is a more than attractive working environment with unobstructed views of quality landscaping. The campus will be integrated into a vast and attractive 1.3-hectare planted area.
This will provide the district with more nature and biodiversity than the former site, which was once very mineral.
A geothermal network will be installed throughout the site. It will supply the offices with clean and totally local energy.

Located near the Groues district and part of the overall renewal of Charlebourg, at the gateway to La Défense and not far from the new Nanterre-La-Folie station, this project, led by the real estate operator Nexity, will be delivered in 2024. It is also part of the Charlebourg Urban Partnership Project led by Paris La Défense.

Project stages

  • 2018: Closure of the PSA site
  • 2019 : Demolition of the buildings
  • 2020 : Soil remediation and pre-excavation
  • 2021 : Launch of the construction of Harmony
  • 2024: Delivery of the Engie Campus

The project in figures

  • 94,000 sq.m. of office space
  • 6,300 employees
  • 4 buildings
  • 1.3 hectares of green space in the heart of the block

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  • Nexity campus engie Garenne crédit KREACTION
  • Nexity campus engie Garenne crédit KCREATION
  • Nexity campus engie Garenne crédit KCREATION