Boulevard de La Défense

Boulevard de la Défense
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In short

Project manager: Hauts-de-Seine Department
Delivery: 2026
Location: Nanterre, Puteaux, Courbevoie

Redeveloping the Boulevard de La Défense, a territorial issue**.

The Boulevard de La Défense, also known as the RD914, is located in the municipalities of Nanterre, Puteaux and Courbevoie. More precisely, it is located between Avenue François Arago and the Boulevard Circulaire de La Défense. In order to best accompany the urban projects adjacent to this road, such as Eole, the Grand Paris Express (Line 15) and Les Groues, the requalification of the of the departmental road was an obvious choice. This development operation is being carried out by the Hauts-de-Seine Department and Paris La Défense.

The objective of this project is to transform this road, which is currently a fast lane, into a calmer and greener urban boulevard, with an important place given to cyclists and pedestrians.

The main developments planned consist of :

  • Adapting the boulevard with a two-way traffic system,
  • Accompany the development of the Groues district,
  • Accompanying the opening of [the future Nanterre la Folie] station (, which will house Eole and the Grand Paris Express,
  • To ease traffic congestion,
  • Create cycle paths,
    Create bicycle paths, * Make user movements safer
  • Implementing quality landscaping.

The boulevard is divided into three distinct sections:

  • between boulevard Patrick-Devedjian and boulevard Aimé-Césaire: 650 m to be developed, 9 phases of work to be carried out between March 2019 and the end of 2023
  • between Aimé-Césaire Boulevard and Célestin-Hébert Street: 345 m to be developed, 6 phases of work completed in December 2021
  • between rue Célestin-Hébert and the François-Arago crossroads: 430 m to be developed, 5 phases completed between May 2023 and the end of 2026.

The challenges during the works are :

  • The maintenance of two lanes of traffic at all times,
  • The preservation of pedestrian routes to transport hubs and major facilities,
  • Taking into account the events scheduled at the Paris La Défense Arena,
  • The phasing of road works according to the progress of related projects.

What are the next stages of the project?

Between rue Célestin-Hébert and the François-Arago crossroads, work to upgrade the 430 m of road began in April 2023 and will be completed in December 2026.

Boulevard de La Défense

  • Boulevard de La Défense
  • Boulevard de La Défense
  • Boulevard de La Défense