Boulevard de La Défense

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In short

Developer : Paris La Défense
Client : The Department of Hauts-de-Seine
Surface :
The linear of the boulevard is 1,425 m divided into three distinct sections:

  • The crossroads of La Folie - Carrefour Césaire
  • The Césaire - Carrefour Hébert crossroads
  • The Hebert - Carrefour Arago crossroads Future link between Les Groues and Seine Arche, the Boulevard de La Défense will serve :
  • The VINCI archipelago
  • The Tower of the Arch Gardens
  • New Wave and Origin
  • The future real estate programs in the West Fringe of the Groups

Location: Nanterre, Parc Nord district

Delivery :

  • Section 1 : January 2019 - April 2022
  • Section 2: September 2019 - May 2021
  • Section 3: Beginning 2022 - End 2024.

Redeveloping the Boulevard de La Défense, a territorial challenge

The major developments planned as part of the project to redevelop boulevard de La Défense into an urban boulevard consist of :

  • Two-way traffic with two lanes,
  • The implementation of a one-way two-way bicycle path on the sidewalk,
  • The installation of a shaft alignment and ground covers,
  • The replacement of public lighting and traffic lights.

The issues during the works are :

  • The permanent maintenance of two traffic lanes,
  • The preservation of pedestrian paths to reach transport hubs and major facilities,
  • Taking into account the events scheduled at the Paris La Defense Arena,
  • Phasing of road works according to the progress of related projects.

Ultimately, this operation will link and connect the districts of Les Groues, the Nanterre terraces and the University for a calm and balanced continuity.

Boulevard de La Défense