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Developer : Paris La Défense
Investor / Promoter:

Surface :

  • 12 000 sq.m. SUBL
  • 1600 sq.m. of green spaces and terraces
  • 1000 persons in capacity (11 sq.m./position)
  • 1,400 sq.m. of office space
  • 188 car parks on 4 levels
    Location : Arche Nord / Coupole - Regnault (Courbevoie)
    Delivery: 2019

Being is an open and always lively place to live that creates a bond, in partnership with Hudi. Thought as a hub, the space is dedicated to connections, be they digital (plug&play solutions to collaborate efficiently) or interpersonal (coworking, meetings, relaxing breaks). People come here to have breakfast or coffee, share lunch around fresh local products or take advantage of the "Happy Office" bar and its many à la carte services.
Located on the garden floor, the BEING café and its 180 seats can seat up to 440 people. It is a real meeting place, with direct access to the terrace and the garden, to meet, exchange and breathe.

  • Renovation of the green areas with replacement of the wooden fence and creation of a bicycle area.
  • Creation of a terrace on the ground floor linked to the RIE.
  • Transformation of the vehicle access into pedestrian access along the Bld Circulaire with ground amenities, fencing...
  • Modification of the facade of the hall with the creation of a glass SAS in order to make the entrance more visible.
  • Enlargement of the hall and opening of the mezzanine bay windows to let in the light
  • Renovation of trays with open ceiling for a height of 3m under slabs and 2.65m finished height
  • Increase in sanitary facilities and total renovation.
  • Replacement of terminal equipment (VCO, electrical distribution in false floor and LED lighting)
  • Renovation of the RIE for 225 seats

Hudi is certified by Benefit Corporation for meeting the highest standards of social and environmental impact. »