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Redevelopment of the Boulevard Circulaire Sud and its surroundings
Contracting authority : Paris La Défense

A general reflection is being conducted by Paris La Défense to make the Boulevard Circulaire, which surrounds the business district of La Défense, more urban.

The requalification of the Boulevard Circulaire, which was designed in the 1960s, will eventually make it possible to create direct links between the business district and the neighbouring towns of Courbevoie to the north and Puteaux to the south.

The Boulevard Circulaire Sud is the subject of two major development programmes:

  • The site of the Rose de Cherbourg interchange is intended to become a new district by 2022 that will provide La Défense with local services, open to atypical public spaces, creating a new place to live. The heart of the project is the transformation of the road interchange into a hanging garden, a veritable promenade with a viewpoint reserved for pedestrians. Over the entire sector, the road space will be reduced by 40% in favour of pedestrians and soft modes. A mixed district of offices, shops and student housing will thus be created with new direct links between Puteaux and La Défense. Work will begin in 2015.
  • The Michelet - Galliéni districts represent a great development opportunity between the La Défense and Puteaux slabs. This vast project to redevelop this part of the Boulevard Circulaire Sud consists of better integrating the business district into the city. The optimisation of the various overabundant roadways will make it possible to free up constructible rights-of-way for the future urban boulevard. New links will facilitate access between Puteaux and the business district. Real estate projects such as Le Carré Michelet and The Link are fully in line with this approach. Pre-operational studies in progress.