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In short

Investor: Aermont Capital
Owner (sponsor) : Aermont Capital/Orfeo
Architects : Agences Viguier and Sisto Studios
Height per storey: 133 m, 27 storeys
Surface area: 37,500 m², including 32,600 m² of offices, 1,300 m² of rooftops and restaurants, 3,500 m² of business centre
Delivery date: 2023
Location: Esplanade Nord, Reflets district (Courbevoie)

The Aurore Tower is the result of the restructuring of the tower of the same name, a landmark building in the business district dating from the 1970s.

AER 2 acquired the Aurore Tower, the BNP building and several adjacent plots from Carlyle with the aim of transforming this property complex and revitalising the district. This transformation was carried out in total coordination with Paris La Défense and is part of its overall policy of regenerating the Reflets district.

The Aurore project involved the major restructuring and extension of the existing tower, as well as the deconstruction/reconstruction of the adjacent building.

This eight-storey pavilion is designed as a "lantern". It will offer services including a café/commercial and brasserie with a rooftop accessible to the public, an auditorium, company catering, a business centre and office space. As part of the Aurore project, development work has been undertaken in the vicinity of the building complex, with the aim of improving the accessibility and attractiveness of the Corolles-Reflets-Iris district.

Paris La Défense has also taken advantage of the restructuring of the tower to redevelop all the public spaces in the Reflets district, following on from the redevelopment of Place de l'Iris.

An ambitious refurbishment

Aurore is one of the new generation of restructured towers that meet Paris La Défense's ambitions to reduce its impact on the environment. Its renovation can be summed up as follows

  • Refurbishment: adapting and bringing the floors up to current standards;
  • Raising the tower by a further 6 storeys;
  • Removal of the existing façades and creation of new, modern, high-performance façades;
  • Respecting and maintaining the identity of the tower, an architectural icon of Paris La Défense;
  • Creation of a new range of services, open to the neighbourhood, in a new building.

The 37,500 sq.m programme (tower + pavilion) consists of :

  • A high-rise complex comprising 2 buildings linked by an internal street;
  • An office and services tower
  • A building dedicated to shops and services;
  • An architectural signature by Jean-Paul Viguier and Nicolas Sisto.

The Aurore tower meets the highest environmental and technical standards, including :

  • NF HQE Excellent ;
  • BREEAM Excellent
  • WELL Gold
  • WIRESCORED Platinium;
  • Ready to Osmoz;

The project in figures:

  • 37,500 sq.m of total floor space
  • 32,600 sq.m of office space and services in the Aurore tower
  • 3,500 sq.m of business centre space in the pavilion
  • 1,300 sq.m of rooftop space and restaurants in the pavilion
  • 133 metres high
  • 27 storeys, including a 6-storey extension
  • Top floor with terrace, culminating at 133 metres

Today the tower is home to :

Emeria, M2I Formation, Transports ORION, Kyowa Kirin pharmaceutical laboratory

The challenges of the project for Paris La Défense

The decision to restructure the Aurore Tower has a number of benefits. Firstly, it transforms an obsolete, second-generation asset, while providing future users with services similar to new assets that meet market demand.

This choice also makes it possible to limit the environmental impact, which is significant in the case of demolition-reconstruction, and to deliver a modernised asset in a tighter timeframe.

For Paris La Défense, it is also a project that has had beneficial consequences for the surrounding area, thanks to the redevelopment and greening of public spaces, the opening of the Patio des Reflets, and the clarification and improvement of pedestrian walkways.

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Did you know ?

Erected at the very beginning of the 1970s at the instigation of Mutuelles du Mans Assurances (MMA), the so-called "second generation" Aurore tower is the work of the trio of architects : Claude Damery, Pierre Vetter and Gilbert Weil.