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In short

Developer : Paris La Défense
Investor / Promoter: Aermont (SNC AER 2)
Architects: Viguier and Sisto Studios Agencies
Project manager: Artelia
Project Management Assistant : Orfeo
Company: Petit (Vinci Construction)

Total surface area: 38 855 sq.m.
Office space: 32,779 sq.m.
The Pavilion:

  • Surface of offices / meeting rooms / auditorium: 4,461 sq.m.
  • Shops: brewery / cafe / drugstore: 1 595 sq.m.

Location: Esplanade Nord, quartier Reflets (Courbevoie)
Delivery: end of 2021

As part of the renewal plan for Paris La Défense, the Aurore tower was to be demolished to make way for the Air² tower. Following the cancellation of the latter, a renovation project for the Aurore Tower was announced in 2018.

The company AER 2 acquired the Aurore Tower, the BNP building and a few adjacent lots from Carlyle in order to continue the work of transforming this real estate complex and revitalizing the neighborhood. This transformation is being carried out in full coordination with Paris La Défense and is part of its overall policy of regenerating the district.

The Aurore project consists of the major restructuring and extension of the existing tower, as well as the deconstruction/reconstruction of the adjacent ex-BNP building. This will give way to a service pavilion comprising a café/commerce and brasserie with rooftop accessible to the public, auditorium, company catering, business centre and office space. The Aurore project also provides for development work on the outskirts of the complex, designed to improve the accessibility and attractiveness of the Corolles-Reflets-Iris district.
The first phase of the worksite, which involved cleaning, asbestos removal and removal of the tower façades, was delivered in October 2019. The second phase of the project started in early November 2019.

Project objectives

  • refurbish, adapt and upgrade trays to current requirements;
  • upgrade the tower by 6 additional floors;
  • remove the existing facades and create new modern and efficient facades;
  • Respect and maintain the identity of the tower, the architectural icon of Paris La Defense;
  • create a new service offering, open to the neighborhood in a new building.

The program: 38,855 sq.m. (tower + pavilion)

  • an IGH complex composed of 2 buildings connected by an interior street;
  • an office and service tower;
  • a building dedicated to shops and services;
  • an architectural signature by Jean-Paul Viguier and Nicolas Sisto.

First-rate environmental and technical certifications

  • NF HQE Excellent ;
  • BREEAM Excellent;
  • WELL Gold;
  • WIRESCORED Platinum;
  • Ready to Osmoz;

A complete restructuring with extension of the Aurora Tower

  • office space at term: 32,779 sq.m;
  • raising of 6 floors;
  • Top floor with terrace.

The challenges of the project for Paris La Défense

  • transformation of an obsolete second generation asset with benefits similar to new assets to meet market demands ;
  • requalification of public spaces, opening of the Patio des Reflets, clarification and improvement of vertical links;
  • Transformation and revitalization of the commercial pole;
  • Completion of the planned developments on the outskirts of D2/Aurore.

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