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Investor/developer: Astre (Icawood)/WO2 consortium
Architects: Leclercq Associés Leclercq Associés / Nicolas Laisné Architectes / DREAM Architecture / Hubert et Roy Architectes
Height: 33 metres maximum
Surface area: 125,000 m², 7 buildings, including 112,000 m² of offices, 13,000 m² of services (including a 1,900 m² sports hall, a conference centre and 8 restaurants)
Handover: end 2024
Location: Chemin-de-l'Île district (Nanterre)

An unprecedented low-carbon office campus

Located on the banks of the Seine, on the edge of the Chemin-de-l'Île departmental park (19 hectares), this major project aims to develop a brownfield site into a 125,000 square meter solid wood low-carbon office campus within a large 9 hectare park. In terms of both the amount of office space developed and the size of the land area, the complex - which includes five new buildings and two rehabilitated ones - is the largest tertiary campus under development in the Paris region, and the largest solid wood office project in Europe. Designed by architects François Leclercq (Leclercq Associés), Nicolas Laisné (Nicolas Laisné Architectes), Dimitri Roussel (DREAM) and Hubert & Roy, the offices are built of CLT solid wood with the innovative low-carbon technology developed by WO2. Work on the complex began in October 2020 and will be completed at the end of 2024.

An exemplary ecological design method

The materials, construction method, architecture and operation of the buildings have been designed to reduce the carbon footprint of the campus over its entire life cycle. In total, the carbon footprint is 48% lower than that of a recent conventional building (663 kg CO2 / m2 Vs 1260). The use of bio-sourced materials (CLT solid wood), bioclimatic design, reuse and on-site renewable energy production (geothermal) make the site a model of sobriety and sustainable development: energy consumption is 2.5 times lower than that of French offices (-62% on final energy compared to the average). The ten geo-energy wells alone cover 80% of the site's heating and cooling needs.

The scale of the project will also allow for the development of a circular economy cycle around urban agriculture (rainwater reuse, waste recovery) and the direct involvement of employees in understanding and implementing initiatives that promote biodiversity and sustainable development. The park includes a 3,200 square meter vegetable garden and open-ground orchard, which will produce 10 tons of fruit and vegetables per year.

New ways of working and well-being: offices in the middle of nature

Arboretum has been designed to offer a multitude of possibilities for working: meeting rooms in the park, large office floors bathed in natural light with 3.10 meter high ceilings, generous terraces on each floor designed as an extension of the offices and linked by outdoor staircases, eight restaurants, 1,900 m² of indoor sports facilities, a conference and meeting center, an outdoor green amphitheater that can accommodate 600 people... The future offices will allow permanent contact with nature.

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  • Arboretum external view credit WO2
  • Arboretum crédit WO2
  • Outdoor Arboretum credit WO2