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Investor / Promoter: Woodeum / BNP Paribas Real Estate
Architects: Leclercq Associés / Laisné - Roussel

Surface area: 125,800 sq.m.
Office space: 110,000 sq.m.
Equipment for activities and services: 15,800 sq.m.

Start of work 2018
Delivery 2023
Location: Nanterre, Chemin de l'Île neighbourhood

A new green office concept

This major project aims to develop a brownfield site into a 125,000 m² office campus in a large 9-hectare park on the banks of the Seine. In terms of the office space developed, as well as the size of the land area, the complex is the largest tertiary campus under development in the Paris Region. Designed by architects Laisné-Roussel and Leclercq Associés, the offices will be made of solid wood, using the innovative low carbon technology developed by Woodeum. Work on this exceptional complex is scheduled to begin in 2018.

A green design approach

The materials, construction, operation and evolution of the buildings have been designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions throughout the life of the campus and maximize its resilience. The use of bio-sourced materials, bioclimatic design, reuse of wood waste, production of renewable energy (photovoltaic and geothermal) make the site a true model of sobriety and sustainable development.

The scale of the project will also make it possible to develop a circular economy cycle around urban agriculture and to directly involve employees in understanding and implementing initiatives that promote biodiversity and sustainable development.

**New fashions and well-being in the workplace: offices in the heart of nature

Arboretum has also been designed to offer a multitude of possibilities for working: meeting rooms in the park, large work lounges bathed in light with 6 metres high ceilings, generous terraces on each floor, cafés and bars on the banks of the Seine, atypical and modular spaces in former industrial buildings, outdoor work bubbles, in the heart of an island, an open-air amphitheatre can gather 600 people... The future offices will allow permanent contact with nature.