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In short

Developer: Paris La Défense
Investor: SCI White Tower
Developer: Linkcity
Architect: IF Architects
Project management assistant: LaSalle IM
Project manager: Artelia
Company: Bouygues Construction
Height / floors: 150 m / 38 floors
Surface area: 51 181 sq.m
Programming: offices
Project delivered : 2020
Location: Esplanade Nord, Saisons district (Courbevoie)

For several years, Paris La Défense has been driving the renewal of the Quartier Saisons. The Alto Tower is today the spearhead of the transformation undertaken in this sector.

The Alto Tower, built by SCI White Tower, is located in part in place of the Saisons office building, which was demolished in 2016. It is addressed both on the Zaha Hadid square, a new public space created by Paris La Défense and delivered at the same time as the tower at the level of the Circular Boulevard, as well as on the Saisons square, which has also been landscaped. Connected to the boulevard by this new, gently sloping square and attached to the Place des Saisons, the tower thus offers a privileged location and easy access. It is accompanied by the creation of a business, Dubble, which takes place in part of the Ancre parking lot.

The Alto Tower is developing a new service sector project in Paris La Défense, at the tip of the Saisons district and at the corner of the Rue Louis Blanc and the Boulevard Circulaire, with an innovative and bold architectural and environmental approach.

Designed by IF Architects, the 150-meter-high building has a flared shape and a surface area of nearly 51,000 square meters. It features a façade covered with 3,800 glass scales, a unique feature that harmoniously complements the skyline of Paris La Défense. The project also benefits from the best environmental certification standards: HQE Exceptional and BREEAM Excellent.

Today, a dozen companies have settled in the tower and benefit from its services and terraces: Bureau Véritas (control institute), Pandora (jewelry), B2V (social protection), Optimind (risk management), Fujitsu technology solutions (new technologies), etc...

Alto, a service experience and an unobstructed view

Alto offers services that rise to a crescendo. It is a diversified restaurant offer from the forecourt to the upper floors. It is also a sports and wellness area with a unique 180° view on the 23rd floor, as well as spaces to welcome, bring people together and entertain, combining ergonomics and attraction.

In the extension of the Alto Tower, on Zaha Hadid Square, a retail outlet created by the operator opened in 2021. Dubble offers fresh, healthy, balanced and gourmet meals, fresh products prepared on site, original recipes, a wide range of vegetarian and vegan dishes, in a refined and relaxing setting. For the comfort of users, the tower has 450 parking spaces and 254 bicycle parking spaces, encouraging employees and visitors to use soft modes of transportation. The ultimate experience of the Alto Tower: its two protected and planted open terraces on the 36th and 37th floors.

A total opening to the city

With 2,000 m² of landscaped, green and open square meters, the base of Alto is a unique interface with the city. It can accommodate mobile catering and events, and is intended to become a daily meeting point for employees. This architectural project is part of the requalification and development of generous urban spaces, including the creation of a new square and the redevelopment of the existing surroundings. These developments will allow:

  • To open up the Saisons district;
  • To create a new Zaha Hadid square that links the redeveloped Boulevard Circulaire, the new Alto tower and the Place des Saisons (2,000 m² of public space saved from the road infrastructure);
  • Create a link between Place des Saisons and the new Zaha Hadid Square;
  • The redevelopment of the Louis Blanc alley, integrating soft mobility, VIP access and deliveries to the tower.

The construction site, a real technical feat

Carried out between 2016 and 2020, the project required a great deal of ingenuity. Built on a particularly small plot of land of just 700 m², surrounded by the First Tower and in direct proximity to a residential complex, Bouygues Construction had to innovate to design the foundations and raise the 38 floors of the tower. Added to this is the now iconic vase-shaped form of the tower. While the base covers 700 m², the top of the tower covers 1,700 m²! This very atypical configuration is unique in the district. The choice of scales has both a practical function, as they cover the air grilles, and an aesthetic and acoustic function, acting as a 'mattress' on the technical level.

Key figures

  • Approximately 51,000 m² of modular and scalable space
  • Opening and circulation on 150 m height
  • 38 floors to stimulate collective intelligence
  • 2,000 m² of forecourt
  • 2 terraces at the R+36 and R+37
  • 5 different types of restaurants

A liberated architecture with curved lines, Alto escapes by creating a dialogue between form and space, and presents a silhouette of a daring appearance.


A liberated architecture with curved lines, Alto escapes by creating a dialogue between form and space, and presents a silhouette of a daring appearance.


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Did you know?

The Alto Tower takes its name from the eponymous Aalto vase, a world-famous glass work created by Finnish designers Alvar and Eino Aalto in 1936.