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In short

Developer : Paris La Défense
Investor: Axa REIM / Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations
Architect: B. Architecture
Delegated Project Owner: Orféo Développement

Height: 36 m
Office space at term: 57,100 sq.m.
Delivery: 1st semester 2023
Location: Esplanade sud, Villon district (Puteaux)

Work in progress
Launch of the worksite (reminder of key dates) The cleaning and removal of the [Altiplano building]('s facades took place in 2019, and the site installations for the deconstruction and reconstruction work were carried out in 2020 by the PETIT company, a VINCI CONSTRUCTION FRANCE subsidiary. Work in progress Since May 2021, the partia...
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The Île-de-France building, owned by SCI PB10 and now called Altiplano, was built in the early 1980s and had not undergone any major renovation.

Since 2017, the various tenants have successively vacated the building, with the last occupied premises being vacated in April 2019. Taking advantage of the fact that the building was empty of all tenants, the owner launched a cleaning and asbestos removal operation on all the interior spaces with a view to its subsequent renovation.

A new-generation office building

The purpose of this real estate requalification project is to increase the value of the assets through :

  • the revaluation of real estate surfaces currently under-exploited (warehouses...),
  • an increase in surface area while remaining "Code du Travail" not subject to the provisions relating to High-rise buildings (IGH),
  • improved access to daylight,
  • the creation of an offer of very large divisible trays,
  • the development of a range of services dedicated to the users of the building and open to all (shops),
  • bringing the assets back up to La Défense betting standards (architectural and environmental quality, etc.),
  • the complete change of the facade.

The project will be able to benefit from ambitious environmental certification standards: HQE, Breeam, Effinergie, BiodiverCity, WiredScore, R2S

Key figures

  • ERP set of 57,000 sq.m SDP on 8 floors
    • Office space at term: 57,100 sq.m.
    • Nearly 4,300 employees expected
    • Vertical extension with 2-storey elevation
    • Net extension of + 15,200 sq.m; 36% more surface area
    • Height: 36 m
    • Top floor with mezzanine, skybars and terraces accessible to users
  • Services :
    • Drugstore/stores: 1,000 sq.m.
    • Brewery + Terraces: 350 m² approx.
    • Co-working: 1,000 m² approximately.