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In short

Client: SCI PB10 / Orféo Développement
Architect: B. Architecture
Height / storeys: 36 m, 8 storeys
Area: 57,078 sq. m (2 storeys raised), including offices / shops (1,500 sq. m)
Redeveloped public spaces: 8,636 m²
Completion date: 2024
Location: Esplanade Sud, Villon district (Puteaux)

Restructuring of an exemplary tertiary program

The Île-de-France building, now called Altiplano, was built in the early 1980s. Since 2017, the building's various tenants have successively left the building, with the last occupied premises vacated in April 2019. The owner has launched a cleaning and asbestos removal operation on all the interior spaces in order to restructure it.

Overlooking the city of Puteaux on the southern esplanade of Paris La Défense (Villon district), the building built in 1982 is therefore the subject of a total restructuring project, the work on which began in the 2nd quarter of 2020. In line with the changes currently taking place in Paris La Défense, Altiplano's 57,000 square meters of office, service and retail space will offer a new perspective on commercial use and set new standards. Indeed, Altiplano will have a very active base, which, in its contemporary version, will diversify and energize the landscape of the Villon district, just a stone's throw from the esplanade.

Altiplano is designed by the firm B. Architecture, and the requalification of the building is being piloted by Orféo Développement as delegated project manager. The building will be bathed in natural light, generously planted, open to the outside and horizontal (not IGH). Altiplano will feature generous patios and loggias, as well as vast open-air terraces that will allow users to develop an art of working unique to La Défense.

The creation of services open to the public on the building's slab level includes

  • A drugstore/general grocery store: approximately 1000 m².
  • A restaurant / brasserie: approximately 350 m².

The surroundings of Altiplano are being redeveloped to improve the quality of use of the site for users and residents. Indeed, particular attention is being paid to the landscaping and mineral development of the forecourt.

The redesign of the site's surroundings includes :

  • A landscaping project and revised exterior arrangements to improve the vegetation of the surroundings,
  • The connection and pedestrian/bicycle flows between the "City of Puteaux" level and the "slab" level have been rethought,
  • The restaurant projects located on the slab level will animate the pedestrian walkways around the building, as well as the facades of the ground floor,
  • The shops at the foot of the building will also enrich the service and restaurant offer in the neighborhood. Interventions on the exterior include: raising the elevators, creating a monumental staircase, a new firemen's access ramp...

The building before :

  • 42 000 m²
  • Height: 6 floors on the slab
  • Principle of construction on piles, in a promontory on the Villon parking lot

The project:

  • ERP complex with 57,000 m² of floor area on 8 floors above ground level
    • Vertical extension with 2 storeys above ground
    • Net extension of around 15,200 m².
    • Mezzanine top floor with green roof treated as a 5th façade
  • Services :
    • Drugstore/shops: 1,000 m² ;
    • Brasserie + Terraces: approx. 350 m² ;
    • Business Centre and auditorium: approx. 2,000 m².

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Did you know?

Altiplano is aiming for ambitious environmental and comfort certifications and labels: NF HQE Excellent, Effinergie+, Breeam Excellent, Well Gold, WiredScore Platinum and Ready2Service.