Allée de Corse

Allée de corse
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Owner: Paris La Défense
Architect - Landscaper: TGTFP Architecture and Urban Planner
Urban design: TGTFP (Architecture and Urban Planner), Florence Mercier (Landscape Designer), PhA (Lighting Designer), OGI (Design Office), Y (Engineering)
Works contractors: Eurovia, Eiffage Energies, Terideal, Citeos, Quesnot
Programming: redevelopment and creation of public spaces and green areas
Delivery: 2021
Location: heart of the district/Nanterre

The Allée de Corse, a new pedestrian alley in Cœur de Quartier

Located in the continuity of the Boulevard des Provinces Françaises, whose transformation is complete, the allée de Corse is at the articulation of the Anatole France viaduct, the Cours Nicole Dreyfuss and the Patrice Chéreau square.
This new street, with its pedestrian character, constitutes a real backbone in the Coeur de Quartier, linking the different housing developments to the station and the Boulevard.

In continuity with terraces 6, 7 and 8, the Allée de Corse connects the Parvis des Fêtes to the Boulevard des Provinces Françaises. Fragments of landscape are embedded all along this "mineral corridor" evoking and announcing the vegetal space of the terraces.

Allée de corse

These plant islands have a double function: they allow both to manage the differences in level of the alley, and, associated with seats, to offer shaded areas for rest and meetings. They are composed of small copses, slight mounds, strips of perennials and grasses, defining a succession of varied places that punctuate and enliven the commercial walk.

The plant palette associates a low stratum (30-50 cm) and a high stratum (4-6 m), which, in their difference in height, allow the eye to filter through the plants without hiding the commercial windows on either side of the alley. The first layer, composed of ground cover, perennials and grasses, will offer colors and textures that will evolve over the seasons and visually animate the promenade. The benches of the planted islands will be integrated into the park and will benefit from the shade provided by the second layer of trees, composed of stem trees and small trees. The species are, for the most part, indigenous.

The lighting, based on the use of a single warm color temperature, aims to provide calm and comfort for daily users as well as a sense of well-being for occasional pedestrians.

Allée de corse

Allée de corse

A new commercial space

Corsica Alley has been designed as a new commercial center. It is home to a number of restaurant and service brands, including a 10-screen cinema, a Burger King, a Leonidas café, etc.