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Voluptes en gerbes

Hervé Mathieu-Bachelot (b. 1945), Voluptes en gerbe [Voluptuous sheaves], pâte de verre mosaic, 1981

The artwork

Designed to be used as a covering for a technical sheath, this glass paste mosaic develops on a polyhedron.

The design takes shape from panel to panel until the last one in a rigorous graphic logic.

Every day, thousands of passers-by can let their minds wander between the RER exchange room and the entrance to the Les Quatre Temps shopping centre.

The artist

Born in Paris in 1945 and perfectly self-taught, Hervé Mathieu-Bachelot was known and recognized as a colorist, sculptor and engraver emeritus. His talents did not escape the notice of RATP, which chose him as its artistic advisor.

At the same time, he produced numerous works for urban spaces in Paris and its suburbs.