Stèle hommage à E. Pouvreau [Stele in homage to E. Pouvreau]

Stèle hommage à E. Pouvreau - Paul Belmondo - © 11h45 - Defacto

Paul Belmondo (1898-1982), Stèle hommage à Emmanuel Pouvreau [Tribute stele to Emmanuel Pouvreau], Bronze skated, 2007

The artwork

President of the Syndicat des Constructeurs Français de Machines-outils, Emmanuel Pouvreau (1900-1962) had the idea of creating a building that would serve as a showcase for French industry. Thus was born the Cnit.

To pay tribute to the man who invested himself in the project to the point of being permanently present on the construction site, the Epad wished to dedicate a stele to him.

Created by Paul Belmondo, this medallion is installed on the parapet of the CNIT.

The artist

Born in Algiers in 1898 into a modest family of Italian origin, Paul Belmondo established himself as one of the best interpreters of the "neo-classical" trend which, in reaction against Rodin's expressionism, inspired in the 1920s a more refined, smoother sculpture, nourished by the artworks of Antiquity and the Renaissance.

After starting to sculpt at the age of 13, Paul Belmondo studied architecture at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Algiers, which was interrupted by his mobilisation during the First World War.

He then continued his studies in Paris in the class of Boucher. His numerous trips to Greece and Italy confirmed his taste for classical art. Among other things, he made a copy of Carpeaux's "Dance", which is placed on the façade of the Paris Opera House, and the bronzes "Jeannette" and "Appolon", which can be seen in the Tuileries Gardens.

He died in 1982.

Stèle hommage à E. Pouvreau - Paul Belmondo - © 11h45 - Defacto