Soundwalk : Paris La Défense - Soundwalk Collective

Soundwalk : Paris La Défense - Soundwalk Collective

Soundwalk Collective
Soundwalk: Paris La Défense, 2018
Script : Harry Bellet
Voice: Anna Mouglalis
Artistic direction: Stephan Crasneanscki
All the music was recorded by Soundwalk Collective in collaboration with Nicolas Becker from Atelier Baschet, Saint Michel sur Orge, France.
All the music was created and composed by Structures Sonores Baschet, using the sound resonance of Paris La Défense.
Recordings and sound effects: Nicolas Becker
Complementary music composition and sound design: Simone Merli
Production Assistant: Jeanne Lacaille
with Anna Mouglalis
Composed and produced by Andrew Claristidge
Acknowledgements : Frederic Fradet at the Atelier Baschet, Nicolas Becker, Analogue Foundation
Courtesy Soundwalk Collective, 2018

The artwork

Soundwalk Collective offers visitors a 30-minute sound walk in the heart of La Défense, the largest open-air sculpture park in Europe. Soundwalk: Paris La Défense is a cinematographic sound narrative that invites visitors to interact with the artwork and architecture to live a multi-sensory experience in which the mind wanders between reality and the imaginary world, past and present. The narrative, written by journalist and writer Harry Bellet, is based on the site's architecture and permanent artwork. The sounds and music that resonate with the acoustic space of La Défense are specially created for the site by Soundwalk Collective. The experience offered by Soundwalk Collective takes the walker into unknown territory, guided by the voice of Anna Mouglalis.

The artist

Soundwalk is a sound art collective based between New York and Berlin. Since 2000, these nomads of sound have been traveling relentlessly to record the sounds of the world around us. The collective creates narrative, poetic and singular sound pieces. Their sound explorations combine anthropology, ethnography, non-linear narration, psycho-geography and observation. The raw material of their work is always anchored in a specific place from which their research is deployed.