Red Spider - Alexander Calder

Araignée Rouge [Red Spider] - Alexander Calder

Red Spider, Alexander Calder (1898-1976), painted steel, 1976.

This imposing sculpture (stable in the words of its author, as opposed to mobile) in steel weighs 75 tons and is 15 meters high. It evokes a famous artwork by the same artist, Flamingo, located in Chicago.
Installed in 1976, the year of the artist's death, when he himself chose its location on the Place de La Défense, it now resounds like a powerful tribute to its creator.

A word about the artist

Both sculptor and painter, born in Philadelphia in 1898, Alexander Calder was for a long time passionate about the circus theme until he was inspired by it for a performance that became famous: the Calder circus.
He had the genius to transform a sheet metal plate into an artwork and a tin can into a bird. He was able to make the link between surrealism, abstract art and some of the most modern research for which he was a pioneer.

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  • Araignée Rouge - Alexander Calder
  • Araignée Rouge - Alexander Calder
  • Araignée Rouge - Alexander Calder