Point Growth - Lim Dong-Lak

Lim Dong Lak (b. 1954), Point Growth, stainless steel, bronze, 1999

The artwork

Since October 2007, this sculpture has been installed at the foot of the Opus 12 tower after being exhibited on the Parvis de La Défense. Offered to the developer by the artist, it exudes a strength and balance that surprises the visitor. The softness of the pure forms is integrated into the Parvis with disturbing evidence, opening a dialogue with the surrounding elements. It represents a young shoot emerging from a stainless steel globe, a sort of cybernetic seed. It combines elements in opposition between the fertility of nature and the icy rigour of metal.

The artist

Emeritus ambassador of Korean sculpture, still little known in France, Lim Dong-Lak is Professor of Fine Arts in South Korea. Possessing a true singularity, he expresses his vision of the world through his sculptures, timeless artworks for which he uses different materials: marble, stone, bronze, metal, without forgetting stainless steel which he particularly likes. These refined materials are the basis of his imagination which he mixes with his daily observations. Each of his artworks embodies a search for balance between opposites, curved lines, straight lines, light and shadow, horizontal and vertical. Classic in its references and avant-garde in its conception, Lim Dong-Lak establishes a subtle osmosis between people and places.

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  • Point Growth - Lim Dong-Lak
  • Point Growth - Lim Dong-Lak
  • Point Growth - Lim Dong-Lak