Mur Végétal [Vegetal Wall] - Patrick Blanc

Patrick Blanc (born 1953), Mur végétal [Vegetal Wall], metal, polyamide felt, plant, 2006

The artwork

A mosaic of plants, herbs and flowers making up a huge natural tapestry, this plant wall changes colours according to the seasons. Installed in 2006 on a façade of the Westfield Les Quatre Temps shopping centre, it uses a network of pipes controlled by solenoid valves. This system makes it possible to provide a nutritive solution containing the dissolved mineral elements necessary for plant growth. The plants are chosen for their ability to grow in this type of environment and according to the available light.
This wall with its lush vegetation allows a new perception of "green" to be apprehended, and offers everyone, at any time, the possibility of enjoying the richness of the vegetation, as if in the heart of an exuberant jungle.

The artist

Researcher at the CNRS, born in 1953 in Paris, the botanical artist Patrick Blanc has been exploring tropical forests since the age of 19. His passion will make him one of the best specialists in tropical plants but he has made a name for himself by inventing a new concept of plant wall. His patented process allows him to plant urban surfaces that were previously inaccessible to plants. His walls exist on a number of luxury buildings in Japan, Thailand, the United Arab Emirates and in Paris, on a façade of the Quai Branly Museum.

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  • Mur Végétal - Patrick Blanc
  • Mur Végétal - Patrick Blanc
  • Mur Végétal - Patrick Blanc