Mosaïque [Mosaic] - Michel Deverne

Michel Deverne (1927-2012), Mosaïque [Mosaic], stoneware, glass paste, 1981

The artwork

The architect Henri La Fonta, who designed the Les Miroirs building, had already thought of arranging the central space in a design spirit, using cylindrical volumes. Michel Deverne has extended the aestheticism of the ensemble, underlining the "plastic effect" with an imposing 3000 m² mosaic.

Other artworks from the La Défense collection are also supported by air vents:

The artist

Born in 1927, Deverne developed his activity as a visual artist in architecture and the city. Using aluminium and concrete in particular, he works for France and abroad. His creations can be admired in many public places, such as the mosaics decorating the façades of buildings in Colombes, the hospital complex in Lille, or the steel relief of the BNP building in Tokyo. Deverne's approach is in line with kinetic art, giving the illusion of movement by juxtaposing identical elements. In this way, he creates an optical illusion for the viewer who is watching while moving.

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  • Mosaïque - Michel Deverne
  • Mosaïque - Michel Deverne
  • Mosaïque - Michel Deverne