Les quatre Têtes [The four Heads] - Emily Young

Emily Young (b. 1951), Les quatre Têtes [The four Heads], marble, 2002

The artwork

Four faces as four landmarks. Les quatre Têtes carved are located for one in front of the entrance of the arch's triangle, and for the 3 others, in each building that make up the complex. Humanisation of a place that seems to be disembodied, they were installed in 2002 on the initiative of Standard Life.

The artist

Born in London into a family of politicians, writers and artists, Emily Young chose this third way. She spent many years travelling all over the world, developing at the same time a particularly rich artistic vision. Beginning to express herself through painting, she chose to work in stone after the 80s, finding in the material an artistic form that she nourishes with artwork that is now exhibited all over the world.

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  • Les quatre Têtes - Emily Young
  • Les quatre Têtes - Emily Young
  • Les quatre Têtes - Emily Young