La voiture sur le lampadaire [The car on the lamppost] - Benedetto Bufalino

La voiture sur le lampadaire [The car on the lamppost] - Benedetto Bufalino

The artwork

The least we can say is that the name of this artwork is representative of reality! The lamppost car is a white Peugeot 406 overturned on its roof and perched on top of a candelabra. Hard to miss, the artwork created especially by Benedetto Bufalino for the 2019 edition of Les Extatiques, has since officially joined the Paris La Défense art collection. Originally displayed near the Le Moretti fireplace, La voiture sur le lamadaire moved to the Valmy district, between the Spaces building and the Grande Arche, on 12 June 2020. Benedetto Bufalino's artwork interacts with the architecture and the users and participates in the life of the neighbourhood by illuminating the public road at dusk.

The artist

Born in 1982, Benedetto Bufalino is an artist-adventurer of public spaces. The public space is Benedetto Bufalino's playground. The artist creates objects and situations conceived from diversion and manipulation.
By seizing the forms that make up our familiar environment to propose a rereading, Benedetto Bufalino invents new stories and new uses that depart from common sense. Recycling cars into ping-pong tables or transforming telephone booths into aquariums is to create the extraordinary that challenges, engenders conversation and conviviality through humour and derision. His so-called "contextual" artworks are always designed for a particular territory. The artist likes to provoke unexpected encounters between an object and a territory that is a priori incompatible.

La voiture sur le lampadaire - Benedetto Bufalino © Decorde