La Terre [The Earth] - Louis Derbré

Louis Derbre (b. 1978), La Terre [The Earth], polyester composite, paint, 1978

The artwork

This bronze sculpture with a 9-metre wingspan was created for the benefit of Ikerbukuro Square in Tokyo in 1972. La Terre will be duplicated, to be installed at La Défense in 1978. The two figures, here in resin, recall the movement of the globe by evoking the power of life, a theme dear to the artist.

The artist

Born in 1925 in Montenay, in the Mayenne region of France, Louis Derbré spent his youth working the land on the family farm. When he moved to Paris, he worked as a labourer in an art publishing house, then attended a sculpture workshop where he was introduced to this art. His land roots predispose him to work with his instinct as his only compass, without academic influence or other school currents.
From the simple portraits of his beginnings to the bestiary, he became interested in bodies. From earth to stone, from oak beams to granite and marble, Derbré has worked with all materials and melts his own artwork in bronze.

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  • La Terre - Louis Derbré
  • La Terre - Louis Derbré
  • La Terre - Louis Derbré