La Danse [The Dance] - Shelomo Selinger

Shelomo Selinger (b. 1928), La Danse [The Dance], tinted reinforced concrete, 1983

The artwork

This moulded white concrete structure, created in 1983, depicts four figures reproduced on each of the planters used to delimit the "lower" square below the Esplanade. The originality of this artwork lies partly in the integration of the vegetation which, over time, seems to intertwine the figures in a perfect symbiosis.

The artist

Born in Poland in 1928, Shelomo Selinger was deported in 1941 and spent several years in a concentration camp. In 1945, left for dead, he was miraculously saved by a Soviet doctor. He remained amnesic for 7 years. Life is reborn in the kibbutz and in the army during the war of independence of the State of Israel. He begins to recover his memory and his horrible memories during a walk on Mount Carmel and discovers his talents as a sculptor. In Paris, he studied at the Beaux-Arts. His art contrasts with a troubled memory, a vision filled with sensuality, love and light.

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  • La Danse - Shelomo Selinger
  • La Danse - Shelomo Selinger
  • La Danse - Shelomo Selinger