La Connaissance [The Knowledge] - Paul Flury

Paul Flury (b. 1948), La Connaissance [The Knowledge], Painted Cast Iron, 2003

The artwork

This sculpture depicts two blades that are joined at their ends by the figuration of two hands. The artwork consists of two cast iron plates 5.50 metres high and weighing 3 tonnes, painted in bright blue and red.
In addition to its dimensions, the originality of this sculpture lies in the symbolism of sharing that the artist wanted to give by offering everyone the possibility of affixing their name on the sand mould, accompanied by a word as a message. Nearly 80 people came to inscribe their names for posterity, thus participating, alongside Paul Flury, in the final touch of La Connaissance.
The idea for this artwork came from the Amicale des Anciens Elèves de l'ESF who had long wanted to create a sound structure in a foundry. For Paul Flury, this achievement is the result of a joint effort between industrialists who love art and foundry, and an artist, motivated by the scale and content of the challenge.

The artist

Born in Basel, a graduate of the École des Beaux-Arts de Paris, the sculptor Paul Flury lives his love for art through creation and teaching. Since 1979, the year of his first exhibition in Paris, more than 60 exhibitions have been devoted to him - in Europe, notably in Switzerland, his native country, in France, his adopted country, and in Germany. With La Connaissance, Paul Flury changes register by signing a monumental artwork.

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  • La Connaissance - Paul Flury
  • La Connaissance - Paul Flury
  • La Connaissance - Paul Flury