Escalier - Piotr Kowalski

L'Escalier - Piotr Kowalski - © 11h45 - Defacto

Piotr Kowalski (1927-2004), Escalier [Staircase], stainless steel, reinforced concrete, earthenware, light, stone, plants, 1991-1992

The artwork

Piotr Kowalski designed the staircase linking the Parvis to the Place du Dôme. It shows the unique talent of an architect with the soul of an artist. The large, gently sloping staircase traces clear, sober lines, highlighted by planted containers in which a play of light adds a touch of magic at nightfall.

Kowalski presents another work at La Défense: *La place des Dégrés

The artist

Born in 1927 in Lvov, a town in Ukraine (then in Poland), Piotr Kowalski was 18 when he left his country to travel in Europe and South America.

During the 1950s, while working as an architect in New York, Kowalski carried out research that led to several projects, including a prototype of a translucent polyester electrical transformer, shops and a school.

In 1957, he ceased his activities as an architect to take an interest in the plastic arts using his scientific skills.

His first major exhibition took place in Bern in 1963. With materials (glass, steel, Plexiglas) but also energies (light, magnetic fields), he participated in the research of luminokinetic art.

He died in 2004.

L'Escalier - Piotr Kowalski - © 11h45 - Defacto

L'Escalier - Piotr Kowalski - © 11h45 - Defacto

L'Escalier - Piotr Kowalski - © 11h45 - Defacto