Dame Lune - Julio Silva

Julio Silva (b. 1930), Dame Lune [Lady Moon], monolithic marble, 1977

The artwork

Dame Lune [Lady Moon] sketches her unusual silhouette in a monolithic block of Carrara marble. Her exclamation point-shaped attitude calls out to the passer-by, intrigued by this white mass at the foot of the black towers.
The artwork is 4.50 metres high and 1.20 metres wide.

The artist

Born in 1930 in Argentina, Julio Silva has been living in Paris since 1955. Artist, painter and sculptor, he is also a collector of African art and primitive art. His style is recognizable among all by his ability to model marble like finely polished pebbles, whose grace and lightness make all the beauty. He watches, and begins a dialogue with this cold, mineral material from which springs the vital movement that refers back to the unconscious.

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  • Dame Lune - Julio Silva
  • Dame Lune - Julio Silva
  • Dame Lune - Julio Silva