Casque BC1 [Helmet BC1] - Ben Jakober

Ben Jakober (b. 1930), Casque BC1 [Helmet BC1], painted steel, 1987-1988

The artwork

Visible at Cours Michelet where it was installed in 1988, this artwork is made from an assembly of solid iron rollers. The artwork's ossicle-like appearance, its lightness, contrasts with its weight, three tons. It evokes the shape of an American football player's helmet. It is the first element in a series dedicated to sports helmets: skiing, fencing, baseball.

The artist

Ben Jakober, an English national, was born in Vienna, Austria, in 1930 and now lives in Mallorca. This cultural melting pot has whetted the curiosity and imagination of an artist who loves to rub shoulders with the diversity of materials and formats. A multitude of symbols and interpretations emanate from his artwork. In his work, the art of handling concepts often goes hand in hand with a certain form of humour.

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  • Casque BC1 - Ben Jakober
  • Casque BC1 - Ben Jakober
  • Casque BC1 - Ben Jakober