Bas-relief en cuivre [Boreal bas-relief] - Maurice Legendre

Maurice Legendre (b. 1928), Bas-relief en cuivre [Copper bas-relief], copper, 1979

The artwork

When RATP asked Maurice Legendre to create a bas-relief to decorate the Grande Arche de La Défense RER station, he took the opposite tack to a long format. The artwork measures 3 metres high and 13 metres long. The aim was to compose a panorama of abstract forms, readable through a play on materials and surfaces made of folded and welded copper sheet.
Unlike Boréale located on the opposite platform, the artwork essentially emphasizes the vertical aspect of the elements rather than their horizontality.
The artwork is located at the end of the platform, between tracks 2 and B, at the head of the train when the destination is Saint-Germain en Laye.

The artist

Maurice Legendre was born in 1928 in Arcueil. From 1968 to 1983, he used the know-how he had acquired at the École des Arts Décoratifs to create several monumental artworks that took on their full dimension in an urban context, particularly in the Paris region.

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  • Bas-relief en cuivre - Maurice Legendre
  • Bas-relief en cuivre - Maurice Legendre
  • Bas-relief en cuivre - Maurice Legendre