Banc public [Public bench] - Lilian Bourgeat

Banc public [Public bench]  - Lilian Bourgeat

Lilian Bourgeat (b. 1970), Banc public [Public Bench], 2009-2018

The artwork

This park bench is a 2.5 times enlargement of the original. Integrated in the public space, it provokes an interaction between the object, the landscape and the spectator. The latter can become an actor by sitting on the bench and thus assuming the functionality of the object. Through this effort, he thus experiences a sensation of grandeur, repositioning and scaling of the world around him. All the senses are activated, the landscape poeticized. The chosen scale of enlargement gives the Bench the ability to blend into this urban landscape.

The artist

The artwork of the French artist Lilian Bourgeat feeds on the collective imagination. He creates installations composed of oversized elements from our daily life and makes them tip over into another universe (garden table and armchair, supermarket trolley, wheelbarrow, rubber boots...).
The idea is to focus a different attention on an ordinary object, in an attempt to extract and bring to light what is wonderful in it. Take this banal, ordinary object, take it out of its context and then focus sustained attention on it by enlarging it. Finally, to judiciously place it back in the world from which it was extracted. This allows us to take another look at it and its environment and finally to increase its reality, to make it extraordinary. The spectator is often an integral part of the device, he activates it. He becomes the revealer of the extraordinary.

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  • Banc public - Lilian Bourgeat
  • Banc public - Lilian Bourgeat
  • Banc public - Lilian Bourgeat