Anamorphose - Fabio Rieti

Fabio Rieti (b. 1925), Anamorphose [Anamorphosis], glass paste, 1985

The artwork

This pâte de verre creation, 60 metres long and 2.50 metres wide, offers a masterful lesson in trompe l'oeil. Depending on the angle of view, the passer-by can decipher the artist's brush painting a kiss and a little girl running or a masterful flight of birds.

The artwork is located in the underground pedestrian corridor leading to the Parking Centre Grande Arche, place de La Défense. Another work by Fabio Rieti, Le Visage [The Face], is on display at La Défense.

The artist

Fabio Rieti was born in Rome in 1927. In his urban artwork (the fake windows of Beaubourg, the pedestrian of the halls...), he enhances the architecture with colourful facades in glass mosaics. His range of earth, sky and sea colours exalts the poetic sense of place. His works also adapt to the darkness of underground or open-air spaces by delivering a palette of shades, bringing harmony.

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  • Anamorphose - Fabio Rieti
  • Anamorphose - Fabio Rieti
  • Anamorphose - Fabio Rieti