Team Break

Team Break

In the heart of the Jean Monet Tower, on Place des Vosges, lies the Team Break La Défense bunker. Covering an area of 1,500 m², it features thirteen Escape Game rooms inspired by game shows, films and TV series, accessible to players aged 8 and over.

Most rooms are available for groups of up to 8 players, but it's also possible to get together for a life-size quiz for up to 12 people, or even a giant blind test for up to 20.

What's on the agenda? Go on an adventure with immersive rooms:

  • Koh-Lanta, where you'll have to find the mythical totem pole;
  • Pirate's Treasure, where you'll have to escape from the dungeon to find the treasure;
  • Tomb of the Pharaoh, where you must reach the heart of the tomb to break the curse;
  • Lost, where you have to escape from the island before the volcano explodes;
  • Jurassik Room, where you'll have to round up the dinosaurs and lock them in their enclosures...

And 5 other rooms and stories to discover on site!

When the weather's fine, you can enjoy an outdoor treasure hunt at Paris La Défense. Starting from Team Break's HQ, you'll scour the area, solving riddles to find the philosopher's stone... all in a 60-minute hunt!

Times : Every day from 9:00 am to 12:15 am
Prices : Starting at €22/player
Address : 11 place des Vosges - 92400 Courbevoie
Contact : 01 80 88 23 96 /

Team Break

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