Ciel étoilé [Starry sky] - Stéphane Carratero

The artwork

A veritable rain of light composed of a thousand LED lamps make the Dôme des Quatre Temps sparkle. This dazzling composition accompanies the javelin's journey to the lowest level of the pool, creating a mirror effect with the water with surprising results.

The artist

Often called upon to work in close collaboration with architectural designers, Stéphane Carratero has also deployed his talents as a "lightning designer" with De Beers, Hermès and Baccarat. While he believes that successful lighting must first and foremost be able to blend in with its setting, he knows more than anything else how to sublimate the final result of a project by imagining light sources capable of magnifying volumes, stylising a space or warming up an atmosphere. Founder with Yves Chambaret of the Voyons voir agency, he regularly artworks on the scenography of sites, spaces or products through the art of lighting, which conveys meaning and identity. Curious and avant-garde, he is particularly interested in light therapy.