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Energy performance barometer: boosting exemplarity!

Vue de l'Axe depuis l'esplanade de La Défense (c) Sabrina Budon

As you may have noticed, there is always a lot of change in Paris La Défense, between construction, renovations and transformations... However, one third of the territory's GHG emissions come from construction work, while 15% come from the operation of buildings alone. In order to identify the causes, Paris La Défense has joined forces with the Observatoire de l'Immobilier Durable (OID) to design the 3rd Barometer of the district's energy performance.

A tool to take stock and improve!

Background image Fontaine Agam (c) Sabrina Budon 2021

What is the purpose of this barometer? To produce indicators on energy and water consumption, GHG emissions and waste production.

The results provide an objective view of the consumption of existing buildings in order to implement improvement actions, but also to observe the trajectory of consumption reduction in the business district and to compare it with national and local objectives.

Of the 149 buildings in Paris La Défense, 46 were analyzed, or 31% of the total: 37 in the historic perimeter and 9 in the Terrasses de Nanterre, for a total floor area of 993,303 m².

Note: for 2021, the results have been calculated over three years (2018-2020) to smooth out climatic irregularities and intensity of use, with a readjustment for the period related to the health crisis.

Key indicators of the barometer:

  • 20% of the Paris La Défense offices included in the study are certified for construction/renovation (HQE, BREEAM or LEED), compared to 14% in the overall sample. 55% are also certified for operations.
  • 23%: decrease in energy consumption between 2019 and 2020. This decrease is related to the different periods of containment and the generalization of telecommuting. Over the entire database, consumption has been reduced by only 10%.
  • -2.9 points/year: average decrease in energy consumption since 2012, with accelerated progress in recent years.

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